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  • Shuang, your post definitely caught my attention as I was scrolling by. I like the fact that you not only told the readers what the risks of losing your personal information over the internet were, but you gave ways in which one could prevent this from happing to them. I’ll be using these suggestions myself to prevent getting my information…Read More

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    Virtual classes, advantage or disadvantage?

    Virtual classes have gotten to their peak this past year. Many of these reasons are not only because of the high cases of covid, but also because of students who work full time jobs and students who cannot make...

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    • I like how you talk about his from two perspectives. It is more flexible for students to manage their time, to maintain school and their work time. Also brings the disadvantage for the students who don’t have good self-discipline, especially in the younger generation. I totally agree with that. Their parents don’t have the time to spend with the children in the study. But since we are under the pandemic, we don’t have a choice, maybe use this time to be more self-discipline.

    • I think choosing this topic was very smart and interesting. As a student who does online school for half the time I do agree with the disadvantages of online learning because I experience them myself. I thought the part where you specifically talked about Gen Z was interesting Emily. I think another factor that adds into your side of disadvantages would be the lack of motivation kids have now. Personally, I find it a lot harder to get things done now being at home. In the article below it takes a look at the mental health toll online school takes on kids. Thanks for your writing and the information this article gave me about my everyday life.

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    Teen Vaping?

    There is a growing number of people suffering from lung problems, most of which can be answered to the global problem of vaping. Vaping is most common in teenagers and young adults. To some, it is seen as cool,...

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Virtual classes, advantage or disadvantage?

Teen Vaping?

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