• the emotions in these poem are described in a cool way. you mention things that id never ever think to include in a poem. I like how each poem was addressed to you but the feel of each one was significantly different.

  • I enjoyed this poem its kind of like self reflection self identity type of stuff. Im always asking if I could introduce myself to my own self because I feel like there’d be more things to realize that way. Its a different perspective.

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    I can completely agree with you on everything you said my parents love Ozzy’s thats our go too when we are sick of everything else. They always know how to make you feel comfortable and its like you’re at home almost. The food never disappoints us and its just a good environment to be in overall.

  • Creating a poem around something you’ve been able to experience with one group for four years is crazy beautiful and amazing its inspirational. I like how the poem represent something you’re leaving but you’ll never leave it for good.

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    I don’t think I thank my mom enough. Sometimes I take her for granted. Sometimes I get frustrated when she puts so many restrictions on me. growing up has made me realize that…

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  • Ghost


    Moving was the thing I hated most in the world. It’s such a miserable experience having to learn to adjust to a whole new environment especially meeting new people don’t get me started. I think my

  • I think having inner conflicts with yourself is the hardest thing to over come. I find myself being torn between my heart and mind. I know the voice in my head can be neglected when it comes to confronting issues

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