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    i liked ,because the message that i got from this story, is that is always good to have communication to someone who has been always close to you.

  • i liked because you describe, the beauty of the beach.

  • My green leaves, giving happiness, peace to the people. People can feel my energy, beauty, presence, if they let me. Know that not only give air, we also give relaxation to their lives.

    • I like how you said that the nature of that place give relax to the ones who let it. Nice work!!

    • Dear Emely,
      I read about your paragraph,
      called “ my purpose ”,
      I looked at your words,I just thought it grabs my eyes.
      I think the point of view is the tree,it says something about leaves.
      The leaves use theirs magic to give happiness and relaxation to people.
      Through your words,I could know what leaves think is even though they are small,but they still want to let people feel good when they come here.
      Another part that I enjoyed is where the picture let me think about peace.I can feel that.
      Because green is always the color of peace and relaxation.
      Thanks for your paragraph

      Best wishes with your work,

    • I like how you said that the nature of that place give us relax only watching her beauty. Nice work !!

    • I’m really like how did you let the natural to talk about what it giving us.

  • My question is:  in the future, will The animals evolve? I already know  the climate change and it affect to the animals adaptations. So, for the change, they might find new places where to live. Also for the c

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