School is were we as people come to learn and grow as human beings. We start of so young. Some of us as young as three, and  those who have graduated and those who still attend we all remember one thing. All t

    • Dear Nate,

      I like your insight on homework and how it effects the minds of students and how at an early age it isn’t beneficial for students and how they do on tests. I think that homework is important but not 3 hours of homework a night I liked how you used resources to complement your ideas. I also liked how you gave examples of how homework could help but also why they shouldn’t give homework to growing minds.
      Do you think that high schools should give our less or keep their homework levels the same?

  • After doing my preliminary research into homework my understanding is both clearer and clouded. I have a clearer insight into the pros and cons of homework, but both sides have valid arguments that make sense. It

  • Homework, something we have endured for years. Being told to do work with no idea if it is even worth it. Finland got rid of homework a few years ago and are now considered one of the smartest countries in the

    • Dear Nate, I also have heard about Finland getting rid of homework and now being considered being one of the most smartest countries in the world. Both arguments about homework beneficial and unbeneficial have a lot strong evidence on both sides.

    • Dear, Nate
      I agree with your post about homework, your post “Homework,Punishment or Privilege” because I would always argue with my teachers about homework or get mad. I thought t did because some of my teaches told me it helps us remember but when you said Finland took homework ff of school and now their one of the smartest schools I was amazed because that is a good piece of evidence. One part of your post that stands out to me is the evidence part about Finland because that is great piece of evidence. Another part I read is where you said is homework needed. This stood out to me because we need more people to ask questions like this.Your post reminded me of when i was younger I didn’t want to do the homework and felt like I didn’t need it. Thanks for your post . I look forward to see what else you have to say about the world.

    • Dear Nate,
      Your article portrays many ideas about homework. I believe homework does lead to anxiety and anger. Teachers do however understand that time is very hard to accumulate when we have a lot of tasks to get done. Teachers and professors have a profession in giving homework and assignments. Many students do not enjoy homework and would rather get everything done in class.Likewise, for me I actually like to do some of it at home because there are less distractions. My advice is to take time in class to slowly do your work and finish the rest at home. Moreover, this article gives a well defined analysis on opinions of homework

    • Dear Nate,
      I am intrigued by you post about homework being a priviledge or a punishment because this is something thats been very controversial during the past couple of years. Many say that homework will allow you to retain knowledge. while others mention that its just a waste of time, Like me. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, “Finland got rid of homework a few years ago and are now considered one of the smartest countries in the world”. This stood out to me because I believed that homework was a part of every school, but knowing that schools in finland no longer assign homework and are considered one of the smartest contries in the world is amazing. I will give a second thought of doing homework when im assigned a whole lot of it. Thanks for your writing. I hope you continue writing about interesting topics such as this one.

  • Emily, your piece was very well written and informative. Your voice carried through your work as if you were speaking directly to your audience, and I had no idea about this issue of the “boyfriend loophole” and i couldn’t agree more with your solution. Hopefully this issue will be lessened in the future.

  • The internet is the place where most people spend time and the way that most people find their information. Net Neutrality “is the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all lawful internet c

    • Hi, I enjoyed reading this information on net neutrality and your position on it. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but this article gave me a lot of background information on the subject

  • Words are the way of the world. They allow us to communicate, express and feel like no other. Some words are for general use while others serve a special purpose and have specific uses. Some more than others, such

    • Molly replied 2 years ago

      Schadenfreude is such a descriptive word. I can see why you would have selected it. This is one of the most specific words! Next time I would be sure to say that you do not like to take pleasure in other’s pain. But still good overall.

    • Schadenfruede is interesting because I am intrigued by how people find treasure in another person’s trash. This happens on a daily basis. One thing you said that stood out for me is when it said, “Words are the way of the world. They allow us to communicate, express and feel like no other. Some words are for general use while others serve a special purpose and have specific uses.” I think this is intelligent because words can make a big impact in our daily lives either in a positive way or negative way. Your post reminds me of my everyday school life because most drama starts by the usage of words which expresses society’s feelings for another. It also relates in a positive way because people say a lot of things that can boost the spirits of others which creates counselors, pastors, or motivational speakers.

    • Dear Nate,
      The German word Schadenfreude is a very interesting choice for your favorite word. I find that due to its tough translation into english that it is hard for some people to understand and describe but I think you did a very good job of portraying it. This word is very relatable in some situations for everyone, at one time or another everyone has laughed at someone getting hit or something of that nature. Overall I really enjoyed reading your post.


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