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2 minutes to make a piece (of crap)

Sitting here, Staring, Silently, Blank. Forced to write. Write about myself. Forced to share parts of myself even I don’t like or care to listen to. It’s useless Pointless Who wants to hear my story when they’re preoccupied making their own? So I fabricate stories. Lie. Just to get this done. At least they can’t hold a fake story against […]

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Why I’m Messed Up as Hell

Gunshots, Screams, Explosions. One of these sounds I make on a daily basis. In class. Truth is I don’t know why I do it. But, I need to act like I do for this writing. So, here goes. People make fun of kids being dropped and turning out wrong. I was dropped. Extremely antisocial, I spent school days daydreaming, rest […]

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I put as much care in this title as I have in my name

One word, say it and you get attention. Everyday people say to me, my first  name, Elliot.  Say it to talk, ask, help, speak. Simple, effective communication. Use it, wear it out, it’s there for a reason. You don’t even have to think about it. Names are made to be used.   People make connections with names. They can shape […]

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