• Sitting here,




    Forced to write.

    Write about myself.

    Forced to share parts of myself even I don’t like or care to listen to.

    It’s useless


    Who wants to hear my story whe

    • Elliot — By sharing your story and owning it, you help others do the same. I wish you could see that. I, for one, very much want to know and understand your story and way of seeing the world. Though I appreciate the sardonic quality of your writing, I wish that you would also choose to share something that’s not “fabrication”.

    • Dear Elliot,
      I for one I enjoyed the poem it expressed creativity because you didn’t know what to write about. But at the same time you used that to generate emotions when a writer is stuck on writing something. I liked the repatition you used from the beginning and end, it makes sense. But I hope you’re inspired one day to write something that is about your life. I care, I’m here to read.

    • Dear Elliot,
      I am surprised by what you chose to write about and I agree that sometimes people don’t really tell their stories. They might just want to get done with the assignment that is given to them. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is, “Write about myself. Forced to share parts of myself even I don’t like or care to listen to. It’s useless. Pointless.” I think that sharing something about yourself will let other people know how you really are. I don’t think that it is something bad to do, people will listen to your story. Another sentence that I liked was, “At least they can’t hold a fake story against me. Maybe if my story was different I’d be okay to share, maybe a but less mundane.” This stood out to me because I can kind if see where you are coming from, if you for sure knew everyone was writing a true story then you wouldn’t feel bad. Makes you feel uncomfortable sharing something about yourself. I kind of agree, but also disagree with you because I think that you should not care if it is pointless or thinking that it is meaningless.
      Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I really like the way you wrote this piece.

    • Deae Elliot,

      Well god damn. That was one hell of piece of writing. I really enjoyed reading this because I can somehow relate to what you’re talking about. One phrase I really liked was “sitting here, staring, blank”. I liked this phrase because I’m pretty sure that everyone can relate to this when they need to come up or figure something out. I liked the style you wrote this with. With this been said, I hope you enjoy your day.

  • Gunshots,



    One of these sounds I make on a daily basis.

    In class.

    Truth is I don’t know why I do it.


    I need to act like I do for this writing.

    So, here

    • These lines are brilliant: “My reality was only what I saw through my screen. // No ideas filtered through someone else. // So I did what I wanted.”
      I hope that you continue to write (for yourself and to entertain others) because you have quite a gift.

  • Dear Salvador,
    I enjoyed reading your memoir. I especially enjoyed reading about your experience with people changing to fit in. I look forward to reading any of your future writing.

  • One word, say it and you get attention. Everyday people say to me, my first  name, Elliot.  Say it to talk, ask, help, speak. Simple, effective communication. Use it, wear it out, it’s there for a reason. You d

    • hella good

    • Dear Elliot,
      I really enjoyed reading your piece of writing, it was really well written. You also used really good vocabulary and used good transitions. Your writing was smooth to read along and I connected to most of the things that wrote. I feel like your memoir is unique and different, which is really good because you don’t see that often.

    • Elliot,

      I enjoyed reading this as it was written well. I know a lot of cultures have the naming of a child to be a big deal. It has history and a deep meaning connected to it, sometimes it seems like that people have forgotten names used to have reasons behind them besides just sounding nice. I found an article on names and the meaning behind them and I think itll be an interesting read. https://www.behindthename.com/

    • Hello Elliot,
      I found your post very interesting. I used to hate my name because it’s so different, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve grown into liking my name as well. When someone pronounces or spells it wrong, I tell them, because that’s my name. The source of my embarrassment turned into the source of my pride. My name is unique and it’s mine. I found this article on names I thought you might find interesting. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2014/09/19/the-importance-of-a-name/?utm_term=.0e8705ffa31a
      Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Elliot,

      I really enjoyed reading this, and I feel it was well written. I have had an opposite experience from you, I have grown up in a family where everyones name is different, and spelled “incorrectly”, and have had some weird experiences from this. My name is Caleigh pronounced Callie and I found a sense of identity from my name, and I wonder what it would be like to experience what you have gone through with your name. I think you bring up a good point, about how your name is supposed to be used, and how you feel connected to your name by being “disconnected” I found this article about what your name means and how you can create a personal identity, and thought you would enjoy it.


      Thanks for sharing,

    • Dear Elliot,
      This piece writing is very well written and pretty good. I like how you write in a comedic way and mixing it with a deep, sort of way, involving your name.

  • this is a strong and descriptive blog.

  • This has a strong statement about if athletes are overpaid or not.

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