• After the Parkland shooting in Florida on February 14th, gun control must be implemented. I have decided to write a research paper regarding gun control, especially in the aspect of school. I am very interested to

  • Sara,
    this post was so well written and I really enjoyed reading it. It is a very important topic so thank you for sharing. I completely agree with your stances on gun control, and with regards to the shooting in Florida yesterday, our government has got to make a change. We cannot allow this to continue in our country. Check out this article…[Read more]

  • Brooklyn,
    thank you for sharing about this topic. I believe that it is a big issue, especially at judge. We should not have to cover ourselves up so that thew boys can focus on their schooling and academics. It is somewhat of an injustice, and I am not okay with it.
    Check out this article, I think you will enjoy…[Read more]

  • Social media has taken over the teenage population of America. Almost 100 percent of the teenage population checks at least one version of social media everyday. With the huge rise in social media and technology,

  • Jaden,
    this was a very good and well written poem. I really enjoyed the part when you mentioned the paint on your clothes and the ink on your hands/skin. This was very beautiful and I could really hear your voice as I read this poem. Great job!

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    Hailey, thank you for sharing! This is such an interesting topic to me as for ma y others I am sure. Being a twin myself, it is very interesting to hear your take on this. People assume all twins are similar/the same, however life changes people and they actually end up being very different. As an example, my twin brother and I are very different…[Read more]

  • Youth Voices post 7:


    Research has shown that suicide rates among teens have increased by extreme amounts since the development of social media. Many correlations between the two have been found by

    • Ellie,
      This is a great post and unfortunately, very truthful of today’s society. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPh8QoSdBPM&t=876s I wouldn’t necessarily say it has the most accurate information, but it is very revealing and honest about youth today. The most important and undisputed fact in the video is that since social media provides instant gratification (a like on a post for example) and teens constantly get it every day, all teens want is instant gratification. Today’s teens lack patience when it comes to life, and when something bad happens, it feels like the end to them because they don’t have that instant satisfaction. The only thing that can be done now is to spread awareness of this idea, since social media is so ubiquitous nowadays. Social media has inadvertently changed our lifestyle. How else do you think social media has shaped us? Thank you for your post.

    • Ellie, I really enjoyed reading your post and I think, sadly, that it is a very relevant topic in todays society. I really liked when you said, “Social media shows the ‘perfect’ aspect of one’s life, however, what is never seen/shared is the real part.” I think you were really honest in your post and I think you highlighted facts that people often times never share. Suicide and mental illnesses are topics that society refuses to talk about and address, even though it is a huge problem that is only growing. Here is an article I think you would like: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3477910/ I can’t wait to read more.

    • Ellie,

      I think this is a great topic to research. I do agree with your point that social media has put much more stress on people to be perfect, and the perfect side you see on social media is not one someone’s life is really like. As a Judge student, it is easy to see this side, because it seems like so many people are so privileged online, but you do not realize all of the hard classes and hours of homework that people have each night. Not to mention that people often have jobs. So with school, homework, jobs and the added stress of trying to be perfect online it is easy to see the correlation between suicide and social media. This is a society where the culture is to be the best or you’re no good. This must be stopped in order to drop suicide rates. I found this awesome website about what we can do to stop the social media crisis–through using social media. Check it out! https://www.psychiatry.org/news-room/apa-blogs/apa-blog/2016/08/using-social-media-to-prevent-suicide

  • Calvin,
    This is a very beautifully written piece. Thank you for sharing. The leaders of America are truly putting the citizens at a disadvantage by allowing racism and divides to exist in our country. Thank you smooch for sharing this.

  • Carter!
    Thank you for sharing about this topic! I feel very very very strongly about this issue. I hate zoos, and I don’t think that they are humane. The animals deserve to be free, just as humans do. Please read the link below to an article that I believe you will find very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing, this is so…[Read more]

  • I recently found a very interesting article by NBC news that relates to my research topic of how social media is affecting/correlated to a rise in teen suicide. In this article, there were many interesting and

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    I absolutely loved reading your poem. Everything about this was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, it is so important for our wold to be diverse and to be able to respect and cherish everybody’s cultures and backgrounds. Thank you, this was so beautiful.

  • Isa,
    This is a very interesting issue and I am very glad you wrote about it. All of your points were very compelling and accurate. I would recommend checking out this article, I will post the link below, that I believe you will really enjoy reading. Great post Isa, and I look forward to reading more about what you have to say regarding this…[Read more]

  • Soaronn,
    I completely agree that we need to find a solution to this problem immediately. It is important that we find unity in our country. However, I don’t know if groups as radical as the KKK will subside or change their beliefs. I am not sure of how this will all shake out, but I think the Government needs to step in.
    Thank you again for…[Read more]

  • Anna,
    Thank you so much for sharing. This is such a crucial subject and issue going on right now. So many teenagers and young kids are on anti-depressants. It is very scary but also very heartbreaking. I believe that this article below will be very interesting to you. Thank you again for…[Read more]

  • Sofia,
    I totally agree with your post. Sadly hookup culture is very prevalent for our society. As young adults, we need to pay attention to this, and make wise decisions. I believe that our generation is almost forgetting how to get to know one another. People is todays world are skipping many important steps. Here is a link that you might find…[Read more]

  • After watching the Golden Globes with my family this past sunday night, I was completely inspired. The actors and actresses who attended the event wore black in an act of Solidarity, and in an attempt to

    • Ellie,
      So glad to hear you are aware and updated on the movement. This is an important time in the timeline of feminism. I don’t think I’m trying to hard to be optimistic when I say I think there is plenty of reason to believe in this movement. Big celebrities and the average people are all discussing these events, and conversation is what is needed. To put it in perspective just remember the events of first and early second wave feminism. We have come so far and hopefully will go to equality!

  • Amran,
    thank you so much for sharing this! First of all, I am so glad that you and your family have been blessed with an easy transition to America, as everyone deserves. Racism in America is out of control. I think that you bring up a very good point when you said that we cannot allow for racism to continue to be an opinion. People should not be…[Read more]

  • Bella,
    thank you for sharing this. This is such an important topic right now, and I believe that we must find a way to control it before it gets out of hand. I agree with Anna’s comment above mine, wherein our generation did luck out. We grew up with a good ten or so years before technology really took over. Therefore I believe that we do have…[Read more]

  • The Opioid Crisis is rapidly taking over America. Over the past years, people have been becoming increasingly addicted to these dangerous painkillers. According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA),

    • Ellie, I enjoyed reading this post, this is definitely a big issue in today’s world. Both my parents are doctors, so I hear about this on a daily basis. In fact, they believe most of this opioid crisis is caused by doctors prescribing opioids for their patients when they don’t really need them. You might find this website helpful: https://www.hhs.gov/opioids/about-the-epidemic/index.html

  • Emma,
    what a powerful and touching post you have created and shared. This is so relatable for many girls who have too undergone the struggles that come along with middle school, myself especially. You have so accurately described what it is like to be a girl growing up in society. Beauty is everything. If you don’t have the right clothes,…[Read more]

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