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  • Amarylis,

    I really liked this post! I specifically enjoyed the way you connected a person’s experience with communication and language at a young age to their values as an adult and how that pattern continues through generations. Incredibly, this process has also led to the development of different languages and new ways to communicate, w…Read More

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    The Impacts and Repercussions of Divisive Language Used by Politicians

        In the age of technology and widespread use of social media, the influence of people in power is greater than ever. With a platform to casually and impactfully address people around the world, a great responsibility is placed...

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  • Ellie commented on the post, The Battle with Our Brain

    Thank you so much for this post! I know how difficult it is to make your mental struggles public and open yourself up to criticism and the opinions of others. That being said, you mention the harmful “stigma” surrounding mental health and I believe that the best way to address this serious topic is through actions like yours, not tre…Read More

  • Ellie wrote a new post

    Pilgrimage to Mecca During COVID-19

    On July 28 2020, the annual Muslin pilgrimage known as the Hajj officially began. Except, during a global pandemic, the event had quite a few restrictions and safety measures in place to ensure that this holy time for Muslims...

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    • I like that this article brought up a lot of questions that i had never thought of, specifically about religious events in the pandemic and the difference of how each kind is being handled. For example, a lot of people who are attending in person church right now are usually criticized or mocked to the point that many churches closed because of the backlash. But in this case, the Mecca was able to be conducted even though there were arguably more risk in holding it. I think how each of these worship methods is seen also connects with culture and How each one has a certain importance in the religion. Objectively, church is seen as a more casual affair while the Mecca is a huge event that even non Muslims can see is a very significant event. It’s interesting to see the steps taken to preserve the practice even now. I really liked the mention of hoe they sanitized everything rigorous, including the tiny pebbles used in the ceremony. I thought that was a great way to demonstrate just how serious holding this ceremony was. But also how evidently important it is. Overall, i love the connection to pilgrimage and the thought provoking questions this raised about seemingly insignificant events being important enough to risk getting a disease for, and which events qualify.

    • Dear Ellie,

      I am very interested with your post because I had completely disregarded the effects Of Covid-19 on religious experiences such as this pilgrimage to Mecca. I found it intriguing that the Hajj was still held despite the high risk of exposure and infection. One thing you mentioned that stood out to me was: “restricting Muslims from participating in the pilgrimage to Mecca is an infringement on their beliefs.” Previously, I had know that this pilgrimage was a popular expedition among Muslims, but I did not realize that This journey is a way for great spiritual growth that many desire to experience in their lifetime. I liked how you explained the proper measures taken to allow for the best engagement in worship while also attempting to maintain the health and security of the pilgrims in attendance. These procedures emphasize the extreme importance of the Hajj to Muslim culture, despite any criticism from outside sources.
      Thank you for your project, Ellie! I look forward to seeing what you write next. I loved your careful insights about both sides of this topic and would like to see more comparisons in your future writing.

  • Selena,
    Thank you so much for this post! You raise a lot of interesting points regarding whether a person is considered an adult at 18 or 21 including voting and drinking age. In my opinion, adulthood is a mindset instead of an age. You touched on this when you referred to it as a “trajectory” where environmental factors have most of the imp…Read More

  • Miles,
    Thank you for writing such an insightful and analytical piece! I definitely agree with many points you brought up in this, especially the importance of differentiating between observable weather and the Earth’s changing climate. The fact that you were able to use facts and figures to prove that climate change is real and increasing m…Read More

  • Gus, I really enjoyed this post and I was especially intrigued by the fact that you included multiple perspectives and opinions on this matter. The debate about corporations collection of data is very dividing and I agree with many points you brought up including that the data collected is accurate and can be beneficial to businesses and our…Read More

  • Milo, I love the perspective addressed in this post! Graves and graveyards in our society are commonly places to pay respect and remember people which contrasts with the heinous actions and impacts of fallen confederate soldiers. This reminds me of an article I read recently that highlighted the fact that many confederate statutes were dedicated…Read More



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