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  • Julia, I really enjoyed this piece and I definitely learned a lot about lucid dreaming and the brain. Lucid dreaming has always been one of those things that I knew happened, but I never really understood how. That’s why I especially enjoyed your descriptions of parts of the brain involved in lucid dreaming and your clear explanations of how t…Read More

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    The Senate: America’s Gridlock Graveyard

    It is a well known fact that divisive language, especially when used by a person with substantial power, causes party polarization and separates the American people from each other based on exaggerated rhetoric about the opposite party. However, achieving...

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  • The speaker in “To His Coy Mistress” shouldn’t be considered a “nice guy” due his manipulation of his lover, including his selfish attempts to appeal to her insecurities and instill a sense of urgency to persuade her into having sex with him.

    I chose this gif because it highlights the self-centered thought process of the speaker. Also, Sch…Read More

  • Jess, I really enjoyed reading this and I especially loved your perspective on this issue as a student athlete who understands the struggles firsthand. I was shocked at one of the stats you mentioned, the fact that “ 10% to 15% of athletes” at the collegiate level suffer from severe mental health issues. Given the sheer number of college ath…Read More

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    Astroturfing and The Importance of Corporate and Political Transparency

    If you have been keeping up with political news and campaigns, especially in this election year, then you are probably familiar with grassroots organizing and what it consists of. For those who may be unaware, grassroots organizing is when...

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    • Nice topic selection, Ellie! I think you hit the nail on the head on what people find so infuriating about astroturfing in this section toward your conclusion, that astroturfing ” tricks good-intending citizens into getting behind a cause that they believe is highly supported due to the number of people in the pocket of corporations and powerful politicians.”

      Here’s the question that gives me pause, though. At some point, organizations need major funding, structure, and bureaucracy to accomplish their agendas, and yet, in reaching that point, organizations often become detached from the needs of their constituents– or at least, it feels that way. So you have a Catch 22– you’re either too grass roots to have the means to accomplish long-term goals, or you reach a point of legitimacy that fundamentally changes the identity that made your cause resonate in the first place. This EXACT debate was in the news this week concerning Black Lives Matter and new “umbrella organizing.” I recommend giving it a Google!

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