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  • This post was cool to read because I enjoy working out but it has definitely become harder to do during the pandemic. I like how it gave suggestions on things you can do to improve. It also highlights the benefits of working out which are very important.

  • This was very interesting to read about because my school had to change our mascot for the same reason. I always supported the idea of changing it but I never really understood the more specific reasons behind why having a Native American inspired mascot can be harmful. This helped me understand it more and I think that more people should be aware of this.

  • Ella commented on the post, Power of Language

    I really liked your writing and how you emphasized the importance that language and how it affects everyone. I like when you said “The language used within a society reflects aspects of one’s identity.” I think that this is very accurate and again highlights what language can do for us. I think that it’s important to view language as beauty and p…Read More

  • I really like how you explained the differences between villians and heros and how they can relate to that show. I thought that it was a strong comparison because the characters in that show have to deal with seeing the lack of empathy in people on a daily basis. I agree that watching shows can help us develop empathy and understand different…Read More

  • I really like your piece and I agree that nobody expected for Covid to be as bad as it is. I also like how you incorporated the protests into this because it impacted this year greatly.



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