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    This piece of art represents three of my assigned identities. One of the assigned identities that is represented most in my shadow box, is my ethnicity. When people think of me based on my ethnicity they see the

    • Elizabeth, you’re article about your shadow box is so inspiring. I think it’s so incredible that you embrace your ethnicity in this way. You should be proud of your heritage and where you came from because that is who you are. You deserve respect from those around you. I think it’s awesome you are standing up to the stereotypes you have faced growing up as a Mexican girl. I hope you and your sisters continue to embrace your beauty and intelligence by defying these stereotypes. You deserve the world and all it has to offer. Thank you for sharing this story and showing others that they can stand up and truly be proud of who they are!!

  • Dear John Penitani,
    My name is Elizabeth and I agree with you and I believe your ideas about having police man being trained to be more patient, changing the laws about the guns and having elected leaders to help immigrants. One sentence from your caption that stood out to me was “I think the leaders of America should prioritize fixing the…[Read more]

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