• Dear New Parents,

      Do you know what the main reason why children drown? Many people don’t have enough knowledge about drowning and that is why I am writing to you. For the lives of future generations; to mak

  • Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part that stood out to me was that you agree with the fact that people who have lived in their homes while paying all of…

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    • Dear Marcos, I think that your post was very interesting because I didn’t know that the colors that you wear can put your life on the line. A line that stood out to me was “But it’s never to late for the city to adapt” because I totally agree that people can change for the better and that we should change because people should be able to wear what…[Read more]

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      Dear Natalie, I think that your post “Gun violence” is very moving and it is important that the problem of gun violence is asserted. But when you stated “We need a law that has stricter background checks so people cannot buy a gun so easily”, it made me disagree with your idea of a solution because if you make stricter laws that go into people’…[Read more]

    • Dear Dayanara,
      Like you, I believe that if we give a helping hand, we could get rid of homelessness. When you say “Providing rent assistance alone can prevent homelessness by a big amount. Rent is increasing by a drastic amount in the Bay Area so if people that are struggling to keep their homes are assisted then we can prevent them from becoming…[Read more]

    • Dear Emily,
      I agree that more white people are living in Oakland now and I really like how much feeling a felt while reading your article. It seems like you truly care about your home and that you love the way that it is. But when you said “This is saying that change could be great but not here because of all the people are left homeless”…[Read more]

    • Dear Jimena,
      I think that I is very important that you chose just an important problem. I also love that although you talked about how our city is hurt more, you also talked about how the whole world is impacted negatively. I think that when you assert that “Residents here are twice as likely to go to the emergency room with asthma as people in…[Read more]

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      Dear Wilbert,
      Your post is very informative. People like me, who live across the city from the “The Twomps.”, probably didn’t know about “the closing of multiple liquor stores because of murder and drug dealing.” Of course, this is an awful problem that I wish would be fixed, but I want to know the reason why you think this is a pro…[Read more]

    • Dear Ronny,
      I think that it is very important to assert this problem. I agree that crime in Oakland is a huge problem and when you said “property crime is rising because a lot of people are stealing because of rents going up” it reminded me about my own post. My post is about Proposition 13, which is a law that precludes the government…[Read more]

    • Do you think that you pay too much money for taxes every month? Well, right now, tax payments are actually low compared to what they could be without Prop. 13. Prop. 13 is a law that precludes the government from

      • Dear Elizabeth

        I think your post was very informational because it tells me about Propp 13 and how it lowers the amount of money we have to pay through taxes. A line that stood out to me was People who have been in their homes for many years and have paid rent every month should be able to keep a steady price because I believe this also and think this should actually come into effect.

        • Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part that stood out to me was that you agree with the fact that people who have lived in their homes while paying all of their rent should be able to keep a steady price. I have a question for you, what do you think about the fact that some people are losing their homes because of prop. 13? Look forward to hearing back!

        • Dear Josue, your shadow box is very appealing, the color would attract anyone to it. I can tell that you tried to make your box a nice as possible because you even added a cloth flag. I love how you added a guarache because to me, it symbolizes all of the steps that mexicans have taken to fight back oppression and get to the place in society that…[Read more]

        • The objects in this Shadow Box symbolize who I am on the inside: my counter narrative. On the outside, I appear as a young woman with dark hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. Although these assigned identities are a

          • i like your BEANS and RiCE

          • Hi Elizabeth, I am currently a student at San Jose State University. I really love your shadow box and the details you added that symbolize your background. While looking at your shadow box, I was able to connect to it because I am also Mexican. It was really nice how you added pictures because it shows that your shadow box is personal. After all, you did an amazing job.

          • Dear Elizabeth,

            I am currently a student at San Jose State University. I’d like to say that your shadow box is beautiful because you added photos of your life and items that represent who you are. You express how proud you are of your cultural and religious background in a way that allows people to really understand who you are which is admirable. I loved when you said “there is nothing better than letting the words in a book carry a reader into a completely different, magical world.” This shows how passionate you are about books. Personally I couldn’t have been able to put those words together and make books sound that amazing. I’m glad you find reading in a way being “magical” and i think this will help you a lot in college and in life because reading is something very calming and interesting. Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life and your shadow box is really beautiful.

            Anya Padilla

          • Dear Elizabeth,
            Hi! My name is Jiahn and I am currently a student at San Jose State University. I really enjoyed reading about your shadow box and learning about your identity. I could tell by the way that you describe yourself that you have such great inner strength, it’s truly inspiring! I really liked that you said, “the cross reminds me that I am strong and that there are people who will be with me and who will give me hope always” because religion has always had a big role in my family and my faith gives me the same feelings of guidance and hope. Your shadow box is amazing and thank you for expressing who you are!
            Jiahn Kim

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