• ElizabethA
The Transition to Green Energy View Comment
  • @ElizabethA
  • March 29, 2021

I really enjoyed your post and I thought you made a really good argument. I liked how you brought up different studies and articles to support your idea and even had things to consider when transitioning to green energy. Overall, you had a very informed article.

This is a really great article! It’s super intriguing and challenges a new way too look at young girls and the challenges they face with finding interests. I agree with what you said about how girls often find themselves getting ridiculed or made fun of for their intrests. Having...

How much Trash Is In the Ocean? View Comment
  • @ElizabethA
  • December 5, 2020

I thought this was very well written. I liked how you started very matter of factly and then gave a quote to really secure your claim. You also gave very good information about each thing you talked about. Specifically, when talking about the “Great Garbage Patch”, you gave a...

I thought this was a really well thought out post. Good Will Hunting is a really good example of how to convey language. In this post you described how in Sean and Will’s therapy session they were quiet, however you made note of how the use of body language...

Trump has Ruined Empathy View Comment
  • @ElizabethA
  • October 26, 2020

I like the fact your sentence structures and I think your ideas convey your message very clearly. However, I would disagree. The lack of empathy in American society comes from both sides.

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