• The first 20% of Darkness Before Dawn by Sharon M. Draper might leave a reader feeling disheartened because this story is the last book in a trilogy where in the previous book, there was a car accident involving

    • Annie replied 2 weeks ago

      This book sounds like a great read and definitely a very interesting story. The mention of the domino effect is very true it is a very real and heartbreaking problem. I liked how you related the book to another story and also to a real life problem.

    • Jonah replied 2 weeks ago

      This book sounds very interesting. The way that one kids death caused another months later is a sad truth. The way you connecting the book to a real story shows that this is true and the domino effect is a sad reality. I’ve always thought about how suicide would affect the family, but I never really thought how it would affect other things like friends and teachers from school. I would like to read this book it sounds good and intriguing.

    • This book seems like it’s definitely targeted for teens. Many teens in our current day and age are struggling much more with their mental health. It’s heartbreaking to see what kids in our society are doing to themselves and other. Death truly does affect other people and lead into a chain of grief and depression.

  • Eliza wrote a new post, My Life 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    My name is Eliza Occhiogrosso. My last name is Italian, it means big eye. My Dad is ¾ Italian and my Mom is a mix of a bunch of places in europe. Both of my parents lives started very local, my mom was born in

    • Hi Eliza,
      I really enjoyed reading your introduction to your life. You shared some very interesting points about your life that were so intriguing to read about. When you introduced your family to us and told us a little bit about your parents background and your siblings, it made me connect to you by learning a little bit more about you. I also found it interesting how you told us about your interests and hobbies at the end. One thing I would suggest is maybe not jumping around so much in the last paragraph. I feel like a lot of information was put into that one paragraph that could’ve been spaced out a little more, so the reader can learn a lot about you but not feel like they’re just reading facts. Very well written, great job!

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