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    Thank you for listening to my song. Let me know what you think.

    Remix 4 by runran on 2011-05-08 23:25:23

    • Dear Elijah,

      I am ambivalent about your beat/instrumental called “ That hot f!re” because your beat doesn’t have a catchy side. And also because your beat doesn’t change at all throughout the whole 50 seconds of the beat.

      One part of your beat that stands out for me is where you added another sound into the beat. I think that sound wasn’t needed at all it messed everything up.

      Another part that I noticed is where you changed it to another different sound in 29 seconds which wasn’t really needed.. This stood out for me because the beat didn’t need all that editing on it.

      Your beat remind me of a party I went to and the beats were just like the beat you made with no lyrics.

      Thanks you for your beat. I look forward that you learning something from the feedback I told you.

      Best wishes with your art.


    • I really like this beat. Great job !

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