• I did not find a lot about disabilities on pioneer but there were a few sources about laws protecting them and court cases. There was a court case about The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a federal

  • I have being looking at if the stigma that the disabled are inferior affects the opportunities they are given and how they are treated. Through my research I have found that for the most part, private schools are

  • This was very interesting. I love honey and will now work on buying local honey. It’s very important that we save the bee population. So many animals are going extinct.

  • Great post! Very interesting. We use our phones so much and are constantly on them. It’s scary and interesting that there are actual withdrawal problems when we aren’t on our phones. Makes me want to put down my post.

  • The subject I am focusing on for my Curious Researcher project is disability. I’ve been looking at how the disabled are treated and viewed upon. I’ve been researching what exactly is means to be disabled. I also

    • I think this is a great subject to do a research project on. It is something we are seeing more and more of today. This should be very interesting and I am interested in reading your research paper.

    • I think that this subject is one that is greatly necessary in our society today. People living with disabilities have tremendous strength, as do the families that support them. I can’t wait to hear about the topics you uncover and I think it would be very interesting to see how people with disabilities face discrimination, as well as dealing with their symptoms.

    • I really found you’re topic question to be very intriguing. What does it mean to be disabled? I feel like there is a stark contrast between someone being disabled and someone being handicapped. I consider myself disabled because I have to wear corrective lenses in order to drive, see the board at school, or even recognize faces. But I’m not really sure everyone else sees me as disabled because visual problems can be fixed as easily as wearing glasses. That somehow makes me hopeful though. I feel as technology progresses, we may find cures/fixes to other more severe disabilities, to the point that they are not even considered disabilities anymore because it can be fixed so easily. I hope for the day when paralysis can be fixed with a simple operation like poor eyesight and people don’t even see it as a disability.

  • Hi Lexi,
    Thanks so much for sharing. I really liked how you talked about feminism. Everybody has their own definition of what feminism is but in reality feminism is literally just women standing up for equality. It is crazy that we haven’t received the simple right like equal pay. Being a feminist in my opinion is purely just a woman/man knowing a…[Read more]

  • As I was reading Dead Man Walking by Helen Prejean, I wondered about what amount of African Americans were imprisoned versus Whites. Sister Prejean discusses the harsh treatment of the prisoners and the state of

    • Dear Ellisandra, I am currently reading Dead Man Walking to and I also was surprised about the whole African American thing. I am Black and it sucks watching people of your own color sometimes get put in a situation just because of skin color. It is sickening on how corrupt our world is. Like you said no matter the reasons, they should be stopped and I totally agree with you.

    • Dear Ellie, I agree that the incarceration ratio between Blacks and Whites is alarming. It shows that racism is very much alive today. I think one of the biggest reasons that the percentage of incarcerated African Americans is so high is because the School to Prison Pipeline and its historical and present inequalities in our education system. In recent years our education system has had a detrimental shift in its disciplinary measures. Instead of employing traditional disciplinary measures like counseling or detention, schools are becoming dependent on law enforcement, suspensions,and expulsions to punish students. This shift in disciplinary measures does nothing but harm academic achievement as it increases the chances of a student being held back, drop out, or become involved with the juvenile criminal justice system. According to the NAACPLDF, African American boys account for an overwhelming number of school-enforced punishments, as well as the majority of arrests for school related incidents. African Americans are nearly three times as likely to be suspended, and Latino students are nearly one-and-a-half times likely to be suspended, as their white peers.

      Facts about the School to Prison Pipeline (Nationally, source Advancement Project)
      Over 3,000,000 out of school suspensions annually
      Over 70% of students involved in school arrests are Hispanic or African American
      1 in 20 is the Likelihood of a White student being suspended
      1 in 14 is the Likelihood of a Latino student being suspended
      1 in 13 is the Likelihood of a Native American being suspended
      1 in 6 is the Likelihood of a African American being suspended
      1 in 4 is the Likelihood of a African American with a disability being suspended

      In Utah alone (source Utah College of Law)
      1 of 3 inmates at the Utah State Prison is a high school drop out
      1 in 5 students drop out of Utah High Schools
      1 in 3 of Utah’s Black and Hispanic students fail to finish high school
      Black and Hispanic students are 3x more likely to be suspended than white students
      Students who are suspended ONCE in the 9th grade are TWICE as likely to drop out than their peers.

    • Ellisandra,

      If you’re interested in all the problems with the American Prison system, and the racial inequality in the justice system, you should check out the web series/tv show Adam Ruins Everything. He covers a lot of that topic, from our corrupt prison system to racism in the war on drugs. The clips are short and informational, and also entertaining.


    • Dear Ellisandra,

      I enjoyed your post and appreciate that you are willing to shed light on such a terrible truth. I will be sure to read Dead Man Walking next. These statistics are incredibly upsetting because this systematic racism keeps poc from their education, which keeps them in these situations where they are not able to thrive financially, which can sometimes lead to crime, which in turn keeps them in the districts with the terrible schools and so on. The cycle needs to be broken. It needs to be broken now if we expect to give poc a real chance.

      I’d also like to suggest that you watch “13th”, it’s a documentary and sadly it’s available only on Netflix but if you have one you should watch it. The documentary features politicians, scholars and activists (including Angela Davis) and they analyze the criminalization of the black man and woman and the incarceration boom. It’s so informative, and captivating at the same time.

      Also check out my own youthvoices post on systematic racism, I think you’ll like it.

    • We can’t stereotype that all african americans are criminals. Statistics show that other races, including whites, commit just as many crimes.

  • Hi Aleksandra.
    Being Mexican and hearing what Trump has said about Mexicans is not okay. My parents and even my grandparents were born here. We are here legally and I believe we deserve the same rights and treatment. I have also found that some people voted for Trump because they couldn’t fathom Hillary Clinton. I understand that but like you…[Read more]

  • Hi Miguel.
    I was just writing a paper about God and why people leave their faith. I also think that people feel intimidated sometimes by God and don’t feel worthy enough. People can become overwhelmed with God and all faiths. I believe faith is meant to be a struggle but I also see how that boy wouldn’t be able to see God when his father was…[Read more]

  • Katie, thank you for sharing. I have never heard of the Erl procedure. I have seen amputees but I had no idea what the procedure or system was for it. I think that amputees should be more easily accessible especially in other countries who have people who need an amputee. Technology and science advances always intrigue me because there always new…[Read more]

  • Hi Anna! I could not agree with you more. I quickly get ready in the morning similar to you but a lot of my friends are forced to wake up much earlier than me because they have 30 minutes-an hour commute to school. My doctor always tells me I need to get more sleep and I think we can all agree that it’s out of our control. The thing that a lot of…[Read more]

  • Immigration is also very important to me as I am Latin American. I believe that those who have immigrated here are a great asset to America and are not hurting anyone. Very important issue, thanks for sharing!

  • Wow Claire! That sounds amazing. It seems like you have a passion for horses and I believe to be happiest you have to create your passion into a job. You did that! Good luvk!

  • Wentao I think this is something that is very important and should be to everyone. Cancer affects so many people each day and I know I cared more about cancer when my grandmother was diagnosed and later passed from it. I think we can definitely work to make our surroundings better and cleaner however I don’t believe that will stop cancer. I do…[Read more]

  • The biggest thing on seniors minds right now is college. Many are really scared about going to college because they don’t want to be in tons of debt but also need and want to go to college because they think they

  • Gun control is a very serious issue. I’m curious as to what the future holds for new gun restrictions!

  • This paper really talks about a topic a lot of Americans need to be thinking about, especially those who are voting this year. I mean I think Trump just doesn’t really care about anything. The New York Times wrote

  • Hi When I researched the key to happiness, I found that there are multiple keys to be happy. One of the answers I got was to set goals, to live life to the fullest, do things for others, live life mindfully, and

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