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  • Harry Potter is my favorite fantasy book series and some of my favorite movies. I think that the way you claimed Harry is rude is false. Yes, he does have his moments. For example in the Goblet of Fire, he thinks he is a little bit better because he is the youngest competitor in the competition. However, I think Harry has had a rough life and…Read More

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    This is a cool perspective Tara. I like how you think about all different things and what people might consider art. I think that art is something created by someone that shows and style that they want to represent.

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    Sibling Comparison

    Sibling comparison is a large topic among many families. I know that being the youngest, I get treated differently than my sister. This phenomenon is all over social media as well, not just in certain families. I see Tik...

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  • I agree with you. I think that the younger generations have lived through a lot politically recently with shootings and protests. If we had the ability to put our voices in at an earlier age, we may be able to make changes sooner. A lot of older people do not believe in controlling gun laws or climate change just because of the times they have…Read More

  • I definitely agree with you. The advertisement that these businesses create make vaping seem youthful and safe. The different flavors they have and the way they are represented definitely appeal to younger generations rather than older. It is interesting to see how our society just moved past the cigarette era and suddenly corporations have to…Read More

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    College Readiness and Coronavirus

    Staying in state for college is something that a lot of kids don’t want to do. Some people want to stay because of the comfort they receive from knowing their way around town, but others want to get that...

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    • Traditionally, students embrace an in-state school mostly for the lower in-state tuition option, among others. However, in our pandemic-filled world, in-state schools may be the safer option because of the proximity to home if a student were to be quarantined or sent home for coronavirus reasons. It is a sad fact, because the college experience is skewed due to current conditions.

    • Emery, this post is very interesting. I have definitely been noticing similar patterns and am also a little worried about how things will be for our class with COVID. I think out of state tuition is particularly hard for people to pay during these times. I also think a lot of people are having a hard time justifying paying that much just for online school.


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Sibling Comparison

College Readiness and Coronavirus

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