• The class of 2020 is going to be walking across the stage…alone. We are not going to be able to graduate together, and be with each other as we close this chapter of our lives. We have waited for this moment

  • Hi Eric,
    I thought your post was very interesting and i agree with you. I agree that we need better hygiene habits and should instigate those more. All of the examples you listed were great and I believe that if we instigate this around the world more, it can help prevent sickness, and even these rapid spreading diseases.

  • Hi Heriberto, I agree with you one hundred percent. Wild animals should not be killed. They also should not be ripped from their homes to be put in zoos or killed. This is why so many animals are going to extinct. We must protect them, not put them in cages or kill them for their aspects. It is a horrible problem that needs to stop.

  • For my topic, I have mainly focused on why climate change needs to be taught in schools and given many reasons of why it should. I found a source though that shows both sides. It tells why and why not teachers

    • I really enjoyed how you had both sides of why and why not, that gave a good perspective on you topic about climate change. I loved the way you presented both sides, I do lean towards one side more. I personally think we should teach kids about climate change. But, your research shows a lot of good and reasonable reasons on why we shouldn’t teach it.

    • Hi Ella, I like your idea about the climate change.
      As the growth of the industrail, the climate is becoming worse. With the wildfire of Australia recently and the fire of Amazon forest. It’s even worse. 2020 is a year with horrible beginning, we have to stop the heavy pollution right now.
      Here is some thoughts might help you:

  • Over the past week I have been doing more research about the education of students in schools regarding the subject of climate change. Climate change is a very controversial topic that people need to pay

  • HI Matthew! I really liked your article and found it very interesting. I agree with everything that you said. Climate change is more serious than ever right now, and it is crucial to do something about it. I am writing a research paper about climate change in schools, and how it is being taught. I have focused on how some kids get taught it in…[Read more]

  • Ella commented on the post, School Uniforms 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi Cam,
    I found your piece very interesting. I have worn a uniform ever since I was in Kindergarten. I understand that it blocks people from expressing themselves or having a creative identity. However, I personally like uniforms. Maybe it is because I have spent my whole life wearing one, but I find them easy and convenient. I think that…[Read more]

  • Ella commented on the post, Just Peace 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi Noemi,
    I loved your poem! Personally, poetry has never been something that I have loved, but yours was really good! It was very relatable as well. I agree with you and think that peace is something that is found when imagining something that makes you happy and calm. It is something that gets rid of your stress and makes you feel completely…[Read more]

  • Climate change is a very controversial issue sweeping our planet today. As time goes on, we see it show up more and more in the news, conversations, and politics. One thing that we must do is educate everyone on

    • I agree with everything stated. It is imperative to have the younger generations educated in climate sciences and generating solutions since these generations are the ones that will have to deal with the issue and the consequences of climate change.

    • I agree, once we start to teach about it in schools it may be taken more as a serious topic. I feel like in school I haven’t actually been taught about climate change and how I can help with the problem. Once our society starts to understand it that is when we will be able to help it and make a change.

    • I agree this, I find it insane that something scientifically proved is still not being taught in schools, especially since teaching it would reduce the problem in the future.

    • I agree that people should be educated about climate change. It’s an important issue that we will have to live with and hopefully it can be fixed.

  • Hi Jimena,
    I think this topic that you addressed is one that everyone should pay attention to more. Air pollution is getting worse and worse and I agree with everything you say about it in this article. You talk about how it causes it a lot of illnesses, and it is true. Air pollution can be detrimental to our health. Here is a link to all of…[Read more]

  • Hi Alysa!
    I found your article super interesting! I have never even thought about this, and I didn’t even know that some schools actually did it. I think it is a great idea though. I agree with what you are saying, about how colleges should focus in landing their students jobs. They should. It is a really interesting idea having people pay for…[Read more]

  • Climate change is something that affects all living organisms in our world. One of these is a species of tortoise in the Galapagos Islands-the Galapagos tortoises. A team of students from Cazares High School are

  • Ella commented on the post, Shut Up 7 months ago

    Elijah! YES! I LOVED this so much you have no idea! I clicked on it because I thought it was an interesting title and when I clicked it, I was so glad I did. I liked how you described things that this terrible man does, and how they are so bad and detrimental to our country. He offers bad points of views and says terrible things about women and…[Read more]

  • Ella commented on the post, Fighting For You 7 months ago

    Hi Meghan!
    I loved your poem! A couple months ago I read another poem, I think from your same school, that talked about saving polar bears. I loved it. I feel like you even took that one step further, talking about saving everything. If more people in our planet had this mindset, our planet would be so much better. All of your points are valid and…[Read more]

  • Hi Kutay! I read your article and really enjoyed it! I agree with you when you say that global warming is the biggest threat to our planet at the moment. I think that the solutions you found and proposed, like driving less and decreasing the burning of fossil fuels, are great. I just think that more people in our society need to be educated about…[Read more]

  • Ella commented on the post, Teen Suicide 8 months ago

    Hi Darian,
    I just wanted to say that I found your writing really interesting and informative and agree with everyone you have to say. I would just like to say that, first off, it was very well written. I think that teen suicide is a very serous topic that definitely needs to be addressed more in schools and in teens. It is something that people…[Read more]

  • Hi Maggie!
    I think that this topic is something that triggers an ongoing debate. School start times can be very debatable but I agree with you and your reasoning for keeping school starting earlier rather than later. You talk in your second paragraph about how if school started at a later time, it would conflict with kids’ after school…[Read more]

  • Hi Dominic!
    I thought that this article was very interesting. I liked how you explained both viewpoints nice and clearly and offered the sources in your article. I, too, agree with what you are saying about medical marijuana and how “it is less harmful and just as effective as opioids and other drugs.” In your second paragraph, you talk about…[Read more]

  • The article “Standardized Tests Provide Valuable Indicators of Students Potential” by Jack Buckley, the senior vice president of research and evaluation at the American Institutes for Research, is about the res

  • Ella commented on the post, Dear Baby Polar Bear 9 months ago

    Hi Luka! I just wanted to say that i LOVED your poem. It was very playful and cute, while also talking about a serious topic. I think that the fact that you start it out with “Dear baby polar bear” is very powerful and immediately has a sense of sympathy to your poem. I think that more people need to read this honestly because it is so good. It…[Read more]

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