• Hi Luka! I just wanted to say that i LOVED your poem. It was very playful and cute, while also talking about a serious topic. I think that the fact that you start it out with “Dear baby polar bear” is very powerful and immediately has a sense of sympathy to your poem. I think that more people need to read this honestly because it is so good. It…[Read more]

  • Stella, I loved and agree with everything you said about standardized testing. I also do not think that they accurately reflect a person’s intelligence. I agree with everything you said, especially the statement, “Throughout this process, the involvement aspect of learning is stripped away. Students are not understanding the information they are…[Read more]

  • There was data found in 2017 based on data from 2012-2016 that showed this. It reported that male African Americans got sentences (on average) 19.1 percent longer than white males who were charged with the same

    • I really enjoyed reading this Ella. I appreciate that you recognize that discrimination against black men is prevalent in American society. The story of the Central Park 5 shows the flaws of our government and how they place stereotypes on the minority simply because of the way that they look. Racism and discrimination do exist in this day and age and as a country, our goal should be dealing with the issue before it begins to grow out of control. There’s a movie called Brian Banks that about a black man (a football player) who was wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit that I think you’d find interesting. Thanking for sharing your opinion on the matter, I look forward to what you write next!

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