• Hi Jacqueline, I can tell you are very passionate about this subject, you made some amazing points. One thing that you focused on which I didn’t agree with is that your school should be able to monitor the students phones. I think this is one solution to the problem of cyber bullying but I don’t think it is the best solution. If teachers and…[Read more]

  • Do you think that human rights and civil liberties are being disregarded at the border and with the allowing of hate groups? This is a huge issue and I would like to bring the severity of the problem to your

  • Emily, I really enjoyed your article. I liked how you addressed such a difficult topic to talk about when you added the question “ what if” it really made me think about what I could do to step out of my comfort zones. You did a great job using quotes, one of my favorite is “ Whatever brings you down will eventually make you stronger” I like th…[Read more]

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    Hi dust, I really liked your poem. I liked your poem because you described the people and the culture from which you came from in just a 4 stanza poem. I really liked the line “I am from sacrifice Life for country” because it shows how passionate you are about the country that you were born in.

  • Hi Nicolette I really liked your post. I found it very inspiring and passionate. really liked the last line, ” I will move forward and not turn back because I am worth more than I will ever know.” I liked this line because it shows the self confidence and maturity you have gained throughout your lifetime.

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    Ajonea, I really liked this poem. I feel that you writing about the open eye goes deeper into what the eye can really do. When you say “…The open eye can hear a lot…” This really touched me because when I see certain things happening its almost like I can hear it happening, especially if it is a common action, like a car door shutting or a…[Read more]

  • Hi Chris, I really enjoyed your article because you touched on such a contradictory topic. I really liked how you pointed out that your sources said our stereotypes may not be correct. “…there are some contradicting opinions on the issue of immigration in the United States. Some polls show that stereotypes are not always correct,…” I really…[Read more]

  • The political topic that I have decided to explore is the minimum wage and the controversy involved with it. I decided to choose this topic because I make minimum wage. Before I researched this topic I was all for

    • Elena, I really enjoyed the insight you had about the pros and cons of minimum wage, like you I believe minimum wage should be raised, and I still believe it should be raised after reading this article. For example in Utah the minimum wage is $7.25, if that were to get increased by just as little as 1, 2, 3, or even 4 dollars it’d really help those living on the whole “Living on pay check to pay check system”. I hope this article I found will help you get some insight on the history of the minimum wage in the United States and it’s impacts. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/pros-and-cons-of-raising-the-minimum-wage-2062521

  • I really liked that way you touched on a new view of uniforms. I especially liked this line “they have grown into a form of control over the students and their right to express themselves,”. I liked this because I feel very strongly about this subject and the objectification of women. I enjoyed your post Anica and I liked how you stood up for…[Read more]

  • I agree with your points about equal opportunity and i really liked when you talked about your mother influencing you. I especially liked this quote “My mother made me realize that not everyone on earth had the opportunity to an education like mine” I liked this quote because you called attention to ignorance and how to avoid it.Your post reminds…[Read more]

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    I liked your title it was very clever. I also liked how you brought to my attention that standardized tests sometimes don’t do what they were created to do, in the terms of testing students evenly.

  • “Should the federal minimum wage be increased?”There are good arguments for both the pros and cons side of this argument. I am arguing that yes the minimum wage should be increased although the cons arguments w

    • I agree with your argument that minimum wage should be increased. I liked how you explained the argument for both sides. One quote that stood out to me was when you said “The money given to the employees will go right back into the economy because the working class is the main consumers” I think this quote summarizes my beliefs on why minimum wage should be raised. Here is a link to an article that I think relates to your argument well(https://www.epi.org/publication/why-america-needs-a-15-minimum-wage/). Overall it was a good argument.

    • I agree with the statement: “Raising wages will reduce income inequality because the people making minimum wage will earn more per year reducing the gap in pay.” Although this may seem like a self-explanatory statement, there are actually many nuances that go along with this assumption. The basis for comparison is the current economic salary of minimum wage workers, and assuming all else remains equal, this assumption will hold true. The problem comes with the company’s decisions to hire less workers because of higher wages for the lowest paid workers. The entire salary system is based of off productivity and fundamental principles of “work harder, get paid more”. When a job requires the same qualifications but has an increase in salary, companies will simply hire less people to do the job so they can save money. The result is an increase in inequality, and the money ends up being less distributed then before. The class of society that lives on minimum wage salary is not the class that puts the most back into the economy, or “the working class”. The economy thrives on the middle class, not those who barely pass the economic threshold for being above the poverty line. I would love to hear more about the concerns surrounding increases or decreases in minimum wage.

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