• I chose 1.3.229-240 where the Duke was speaking. When the Duke was speaking he was trying to convince us about the couple Othello and Desdemona where a great match, but we will learn how fate will destroy bonds.

  • 1.3.208-218 Desdemona

    My noble father,

    I do perceive here a divided duty;

    To you I am bound for life and education;

    My life and education both do learn me

    How to respect you; you are the lord of duty;

    I am

  • Yaqui, Powerful poem! There seems to be alot going through your mind and Im so glad you decided to share with the web. Its important to import your emotions into any artistic form, the way you delivered it was fabulous! I hope your doing well and thanks for sharing!

  • Dear Edward. Great post, I do believe that Helicopter parents can hurt the Childs growth mentally but we must take into consideration of how this prevents the child from physical harm? Helicopter parents ultimately want to keep there beloved child safe. With respect to the helicopter parents I do believe that there are certain teirs into…[Read more]

  • Current day college sports is facing an arguable subject should college athletes be individually sponsored? Many college athletes seek payment from a 3rd party to wire them money, we must not quickly judge from

    • Hey Ethan,
      I really like the idea for your argumentative research paper. It is a subject that has seen a lot of controversy in recent sports news and I believe that they might as well pay athletes if they are already receiving such perks of free tuition, housing, etc. It is sad having to watch student athletes with so much potential have to go to the league early instead of developing in college because they have to support their family or have other circumstances that will hinder their performance at the next level. All in all, you have a very intriguing article and I found an article that you may enjoy. It talks about the various pros and cons that paying college atheletes can bring.

    • Ethan this is a great post about a very controversial issue. I truly have no idea how this can be fixed but while reading your post I was reminded of the movie Blind Side and how the football player and his family nearly got in trouble because he chose to go to the school they wanted him to. This brings up the issue as with Nicita where families with excess money will take in or support skilled players to attend their schools. At the base level I see nothing wrong with this but if this were to become a more commonly used there could be some issues. Im not opposed to college players getting paid but if this happens they might have to pay all college sports which could then cause more problems. This website may help with your research. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/made-by-history/wp/2017/10/02/want-to-clean-up-college-athletics-pay-the-players/?utm_term=.d6814f4531a5

    • Ethan,
      I really enjoy reading about your topic, because today in the sports worlds it is such a big deal. I believe the NCAA is one of the most corrupt industry and it is a tragedy that individual players can not make money off their likeness. I think college sports have actually lost in the fact that instead of staying in the NCAA they jump to the pros to make money. I think if they were able to pay players the NCAA fan base would increase. I really makes me think what goes on behind the scenes and how players get paid against the rules for example Deandre Ayton and the University of Arizona. I recently watched a documentary on Lebron James and the publicity and money/material he got was crazy. We had never seen such a phenomenon like Lebron, but today we understand what goes on and I think there is time for change.


    • Ethan,
      As we see your topic come up with the FBI, I am very interested to read your opinion. The illegal money in the game right now is crazy and it is all due to a fundamental difference in what we consider these players to be, are they students or are they athletes. Nobody is able to do something 50-50 successfully so they are one or the other. If they are students then they should be able to be paid if they are doing work for the university (playing football) If they are athletes then the next level should be able to hire them whenever they want to (even after the freshman year of high school) because that’s how businesses work. These are not students and should be treated like employees.

  • Recent news has shocked the College basketball world. February 24, 2018 many colleges including Duke, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan State, USC and Alabama are all under fire of candidates of possible

  • Hi Cheryl. Iam glad you are addressing this problem. Companies having an Oligopoly over food is a real world problem, it is truly taking out competition within society. In the US this a prevalent problem, companies use there cheap prices to battle out more local or “customer friendly” stores. Its hard to see this problem dissolving in the future…[Read more]

  • Tyler, Your video was great! It was straightforward and addressed your statement and its points. I agree that Gun Violence overlooked problem nationwide, especially in Philly. What makes this video so great is that you as a “youth” made it, The youth is every community must step forward and demand change because ultimately we are the ones who will…[Read more]

  • Ethan commented on the post, Dear, Dr. Rios 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Dynasty. I enjoyed your response, you sound really engaged as a reader. Iam glad that Dr Rios is addressing Gun Violence because it is a problem nationwide, this epidemic can only be controlled by the youth. I was intrigued by your introductory where you identify yourself as “Straight” this seemed very unusual to me; is there some correlation…[Read more]

  • A major topic that circulates around College Athletics is that if College athletes should or should not be sponsored. The 2 clashing arguments are that “College athletes attend the school for  academic reasons,

    • Hi Ethan,
      I think this is another great topic that you have brought up. In regards to the first part of your article I think that college athletes are already getting a good deal by getting there education paid for seeings as there is a very small chance to go pre. I also think that it was a smart move for the ball family to pull out there son of high school if his dream is to go play professional basketball. In all I am excited to see what else you find regarding your topic.

  • Ethan commented on the post, ISO Giovanni 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Abigail. Great word choice! I would love to see a summary of a deciphered version of your statement, very intreated in what this is about

  • Hi Brooklyn, great post? When talking about “why” girls are being accused, you should give some more points on “how” they are being accused of breaking code. I along with other students have seen this happen to many people during the school year, but in some cases what actions that the school did were necessary; as a private institution we sign a…[Read more]

  • July 31, 2017 is the day when a 20 year old College Athlete was suspended from doing what he loved. Donald De La Haye was the UCF knights Football Special Teams kicker, he played in all 13 games last season as a

    • Ethan,
      This post really struck home for me because I have been following this kid now for a little over a year, I have seen much of his work, and after watching daily videos for some time I developed a connection with him. As a regular viewer it was very hard to see this happen to him. The worst part perhaps was the amazing season that UCF had this year without him, they finished among the top schools in the country and it was difficult to see his reaction to not playing. The NCAA has regulations that are so seemingly strict that athletes can’t do anything without getting it cleared with the organization. Below I have included a link about how the NCAA regulates athletes that I think you might like.


    • Ethan,
      I think this is a very interesting topic you have because there are many student athletes that would like to do what this guy does but do not want to give up the sport that they love and a free education. I think that you will find a lot of interesting things that have to do with this topic and I am excited to see what else you find.
      I think you will find this article interesting:

    • Ethan,

      The NCAA has been the center of a lot of controversy in the past few years for their strict enforcement of seemingly unfair regulations. For the amount of money that is made as a result of these athletes the rights they are given are fairly low, there are so many different rules that they have to stay within to keep their scholarships and their eligibility to play. This situation seems completely ridiculous in that in my opinion his youtube channel’s success shouldn’t have anything to do with his eligibility as a football player. I’m happy to see you expanding on this topic and I’m excited to see what you do next.

      Here’s a relevant article I think you might find interesting:



    • Ethan,
      This post really shows the flaws of the NCAA. I enjoyed reading the story of Donald. He stood up for many athletes who have the same circumstances. It’s unfortunate that he had to give up something he loved for something else. If the NCAA would fix their rules, he might’ve been able to play and you tube at the same time. Good analysis on his story!

    • Ethan, I have not heard any of this issue but your post was an extremely interesting read. For one this issue seems to me like the NCAA is enforcing a rule that is more or less a double standard because these athletes seem to be paid very well by the NCAA itself in some degrees through bowl win awards and other things. If I were you I would take a look at this link because it explains more of what I am getting at here. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffreydorfman/2013/08/29/pay-college-athletes-theyre-already-paid-up-to-125000year/#64841c3f2b82

    • Ethan,
      I found your post very informative and interesting. I never knew that this was something that was going on in sports today. In the second paragraph, your information was very well put. It opened my eyes as to all the flaws in the rules. It just doesn’t seem very fair at all. I think it is fair that they shouldn’t be able to use the sports team that they play for as a platform to sell things, but I do think that there should be some more clear guidelines to what players can and can’t do if they do in fact have a business. I also don’t think it is very fair that his scholarship was taken away. I read another article on this specific topic. It talked a lot about these issues. Here is is: http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/08/02/ncaa-rules-ucf-kicker-donald-de-la-haye-ineligible-over-youtube-profits.html
      Great post!

  • Caleigh-
    These statistics are so shocking, and even disapointing. It’s hard to believe that this is going on in our very own community. Like you, I think it’s important we place more of a value on mental health precautions. Here’s an interesting article about this topic…[Read more]

  • Ethan commented on the post, He's Not Us 2 years, 5 months ago

    I was initially attracted to your article because of the title. I admire you sharing this part of your life, and I find your perspective very fascinating. If you’re interested I found this article https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/dec/28/why-shouldnt-children-have-mothers-surname about perspectives on surnames. I hope to see…[Read more]

  • Ethan commented on the post, Fooling around 2 years, 6 months ago

    Marvin, Iam glad to hear that you agree with being bilingual is an advantage when it comes to absorbing information. I believe that it is a great important skill to being bilingual, but we must be conscious of others when it comes to word choice. Over time diffrent words have evolved over time at a diffrent rate all over the world; so one may take…[Read more]

  • November 22, 2017 is the day where 5 star recruit Brian Bowen was told that he can’t ever play for the Louisville Cardinals again, or should I say “begin to play”. This whole money scandal first came to light on

    • Nice write up Ethan. This is an issue that seems to come up yearly ass college athletes are punished for not abiding to the NCAA’s strict set of rules. It seems crazy that for all the work they put in it can all be taken away so quickly. Whether or not college athletes should be able to be paid is a tricky subject, but it doesn’t seem right to take away all that they’ve worked towards for one violation. It’ll be interesting to see how college sports move forward in the years to come, and what changes will come.

      Here’s an article analyzing some of the benefits and drawbacks of paying college athletes:


  • Thomas, great sources and quotes! They related greatly to what you are trying to persuade . Your example of the the muslims and terrorists turned out to be a great supporting backbone of your statement. But I must say that I disagree with your statement that we shouldn’t let these “fears” change us, instead we should take advantage of these…[Read more]

  • Bobby. I disagree with your thought on how you think the stats are ineffective with change. People get scared of what out countries exterior outlook may look like in a few years. I enjoyed your post, it had great structure but I must ask, do you think people are born with obesity? and is it a mental illness in your opinion? I know a couple of…[Read more]

  • The topic of governmental control can be related back to the Republican and Democrat ideology. The U.S. government rein has gone through a rocky path, we have seen countless times where citizens are dragged into

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