• The Australian wild fire has been winding down thanks to the efforts of the firefighters and volunteers from all over the world. However, the evacuation of the fire does not equal the end of the era of

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    Your post was really interesting as drug use is an issue prevalent in our society and especially the youth community. I agree with your viewpoint that drug use is a serious problem in our society that should be taken into more serious consideration during the legislation process. I especially like the part where you say: “nough work is…[Read more]

  • Amaia,

    Your post was very interesting to me as it is an issue that directly affects the youths in our community. This is a perspective that has been brought up at Judge Memorial before with the Chasity guess speaker. However, I agree with your viewpoint that is is unrealistic. I especially agree with the part where you say ” The abstinence is…[Read more]

  • The 2019 Australian bushfires are almost twice the scale of the Brazilian wildfire last year. And yet there are still two more months of fire expected. Over 25.5 million acres of land have tragically burnt down

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    I enjoyed reading your post because I am currently interested in climate change and endangered species. Especially when you summarize an article that exposes the problem of legal markets by saying “Through this article I’ve learned that it’s not the black market that is the whole problem, it’s also the regular trade market. Its legal…[Read more]

  • September of 2019, the terrifying wild bushfire season began in Australia. According to Nathan Rott from NPR, more than 23 people have been confirmed dead and thousands of people, including those in New Zealand

    • Ellie,

      The Australian fires are a heart breaking thing. I didn’t realize just how much they were affecting Australia and even more so how much they were affecting other countries neighboring Australia. The line, “Skyrocketing temperatures and shifting winds makes it impossible to breathe and see not only in Australia but neighboring countries from thousands of miles away” was really shocking. It is crazy to think that the range of harm due to the fires is so large. We as a society need to do something about this. Here is an article providing some more general knowledge on the bushfires.

      -Alexander Nuntapreda

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    This article definitely caught my attention because it was a viewpoint I haven’t had the chance to hear from before! Your article was overall logical, detailed and persuasive. I was especially surprised at the part where you mention “This is “power compounded” because it give power to the people with power and it also gives power to the…[Read more]

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    This article definitely caught my attention with the smiling bread picture! When you said “No, not at all. In fact, by stapling bread to trees, we start helping the trees. Birds build their nests up in the trees and the trees get nutrition from the birds pooping near them. When we staple bread to trees it attracts the birds to the tree.…[Read more]

  • Every year, ships release billions of tons of CO2 and greatly endanger the climate. As a consequence, the sea level rises annually and threatens the shipping industry as well as the lives of many. One of

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    Your story was interesting to read as I am also a senior in high school. It is difficult to balance athletics, academics, extracurricular activities and social life as a high schooler when it feels as though time is running out. Although you may feel that you have ruined your grades, and therefore your academic future, I believe that…[Read more]

  • Fatema,

    You have a beautiful talent in writing, especially in the scope of drawing readers in. It is fascinating to watch someone be able to tell a story that did not happen in reality with such great details.
    One line that stood out to me was ” They were hugging each other and sharing happiness. Mom was holding the baby with teary eyes, and…[Read more]

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    I found your article really interesting because college tuition is affecting all students at Judge currently. Not only does it make students hesitate from pursuing higher education, it often limits students and their families from having a standard quality of life. Although some may argue that there are financial aid opportunities out…[Read more]

  • Natasha, I enjoyed reading your article on preschool as it is a prevailing debate in the current society. I agree with you when you say that “Preschool is also a place where children learn to interact with others and expand their creativity. During play time, children learn to share toys and play with other children that are in their class.” I…[Read more]

  • Kota, it is interesting to see your viewpoint on the school uniform policy as it directly applies to us and other students at Judge. I agree with you when you say “Someone will always have nicer shoes, or wear jewelry that is nicer than someone else. There is no way to fully grasp this, and I am glad to see that some people still give their own…[Read more]

  • As climate change has become a hot topic in politics and beyond, opposing viewpoints on this issue have had many controversial debates over the past few years. Some claim that climate change is being used as the

  • Wesley, you got me thinking about all the past concerts I’ve been to that I’ve used my phone at. I think it should be personal freedom on whether to use your phones at concerts. I agree with the notion that posting on social media about your favorite artists gives you a sense of accomplishment and self-care. However, it can get distracting to hav…[Read more]

  • Katie, I am also interested in this topic because my school has recently started this app where it allows parents to track their kids’ online footprint. When you say “speech does not disrupt the school’s environment” I agree because things that happen online had the equal likelihood to happen in real life also. It is interesting to see that a lot…[Read more]

  • Although service is highlighted and glorified in the media, currently, the motives of short term service trips are being challenged. The traditional aspect of bringing a convergence of cultures and introducing

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