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  • I completely agree with you, vaping has become very popular in recent years but mostly among teenagers. Like you stated, this is because of their highly addictive and appealing flavors like mango and mint. I believe that big tobacco companies are to blame in this situation mostly because of their advertisements. Some improvements that you could…Read More

  • estrella wrote a new post

    How will future Generations be affected by the restrictions brought on by COVID-19?

    Covid-19 hit the United States February of 2020, and just like our economy and President, the education system didn't know how to handle this situation. How will our future generations be affected by Covid-19? The first recession that many people...

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    • Hi Estrella,

      Future generations will now have a new reality that was non-existent a one year ago. The college experience will change and their job prospects will be based on how well politicians can ensure a huge recession does not crumble the economy.

    • Hi Estrella,

      I agree with your opinions that Gen Z kids are having a lot of trouble during this COVID – 19 situation. I also think that “areas such as employment, traveling, the economy, and education.” I especially think that employment and the economy have been affected. Countless amounts of people are losing their jobs due to COVID – 19. The economic recession this time has really affected many countries and has had a chain reaction all around the world.


      • I also think that “areas such as employment, traveling, the economy, and education” have been affected a lot. Due to COVID – 19, many jobs have been lost, traveling has been restricted by many countries, there are economic recessions all over the world, and education has been limited to online schooling in many countries or social – distanced schooling with strict restrictions.

    • Hi Estrella,
      I agree that Covid19 has greatly changed the world for us now and it will continue to change later, Gen Z is greatly affected by this change. Gen Z sees the changes in the education system, high school and college students have to learn from home and high school seniors are seeing many changes in college applications. Students will have new experiences compared to those before and jobs will be harder to find.

    • Dear Estrella,

      I absolutely agree with your statements about how Gen-Z are struggling not only because of COVID-19 but because of the economic recession, which we don’t have any experience dealing with, as well.

      “‘Whether they just graduated from college or are early in their career, members of Gen Z may have to rethink their path'” was an interesting quote that caught my attention. And it makes sense to me because COVID has made people reconsider what they want to do and what experiences are important to them. A resource that might be interesting to check out is It talks a lot about whether or not seniors are going to honor commitments if schools are totally online and I feel like it would help support your last two sentences.

    • Estrella,

      Lately I have been thinking a lot about this type of thing too. It is so strange that we are living through this giant piece of history. I guess now the world has somewhat gotten used to the hand we’ve been dealt. It’s become hard to remember a time before all of the masks and hand sanitizer. You mention toward the beginning of the article that education has done a poor job of handling the pandemic and that it will likely be affected for a long time. I absolutely agree, and I think you should talk more about that. Maybe talk more about what school systems have done, then maybe talk about what they should have done. You also used the word “affected” a lot throughout your writing. Try switching some of them out with words like “limited”, “touched”, or “troubled”.


    • Estrella,

      This is a very important topic that we all need to be thinking about. Originally no one imagined covid would last this long but now, here we are. It is crazy to be living through something that younger people will learn about in school and that new rules and policies may go in place because of. Overall well done.

    • Dear Estrella,

      I am intrigued by your post regarding how future generations will be impacted by Covid because it focuses on the future rather than the here-and-now. WIth such a widespread virus, many of the precautions that have been taken are in response to the immediate situation without taking a step back to look at the bigger picture.

      One thing you said that stand out for me is: “This is the first time Gen Z will experience any type of recession“ with the most recent recession being 9/11. I think it is interesting how you connected the two seemingly distant events by relating their effects on “ employment, traveling, the economy, and education”. I had not thought of the impacts of COVID as being similar to the impacts of 9/11 and it makes me think about both how long it will take to recover from such a recession and the steps we should take towards pulling our country out of such a depression.

      Your post reminded me of the thousands who are losing jobs because of the brief closure of the economy. Near me, there were hundreds of stores closed up and empty for over three months. There were small businesses that couldn’t make it through the economic pitfall and eventually closed up shop despite being a favorite amongst many.

      Thank you for your project and I look forward to reading other posts you write. A large job well-done, and I hope you continue investigating other aspects surrounding the COVID and its effects on society.

  • I really liked how you introduced another approach we should take when it comes to voting and how the ranking system worked in other countries. I completely agree with the ranking system. When it comes to voting, the electoral system seems to eliminate the interest of voters.

  • estrella wrote a new post

    Coronavirus failed future generations

    Covid-19 hit the United States February of 2020, and just like our economy and President, the education system didn't know how to handle this situation. How will our future generations be affected by Covid-19? The first recession that many people...

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    • Estrella, it is true that these are unprecedented times, and that even our authorities and leaders do not know how to respond because we have never seen anything like this. The large extent to which Covid-19 has changed everyones lives will have an affect on future generations and our history.

    • I agree, Covid-19 will definitely be something that every generation, but especially Gen Z, will be heavily effected by. Gen Z are having and will continue to have to deal with the recession right as we are just getting our footing in the world as we become adults and focus on what we are going to do. This, as you said, will indeed greatly impact our whole generation.


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