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Prevent yourself from Diabetes

The topic of my trifold was about prevention on diabetes which was to spread awareness to the communities of Oakland about why learning and getting educated about this topic can make people be aware of being diagnosed with diabetes. Being an upstander means like it is a responsibility to teach teachers, adults, children, students, seniors, and everyone in the U.S […]

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Stopping the Diabetes Epidemic with Education

From: Life Academy Of Health and Bioscience2101 35th Ave,Oakland, CA 94601   To: American Diabetes Association2451 Crystal Drive, Suite 900Arlington, VA 22202 April 26, 2019 Dear American Diabetes Association: We are writing to you because you are an organization that seeks to educate the public about diabetes and to help those affected by funding research to manage, cure and prevent […]

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Bias, Racism, and Death in U.S. Communities

Bias, Racism, and Death in U.S. Communities Why is Police Brutality causing death? “It could have a lot to do with racism and just their bias about African-Americans”, says Kareem Marshal, Life Academy Middle School PE and Basketball coach and resident of Oakland, California. But, why bias and racism? There is still discrimination on colored people ever since slavery was […]

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Have You Heard? By Edwin C. Munoz Orantes

This is a poem about connecting Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare to our lives in Oakland, California. I am taking about the Poverty in the U.S., The Midterm Election of this year, and The Government of the United States and how they connect to each other.     Have you Heard? Have You Heard? Have YOU Heard? The governors of […]

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My shadow box

This shadow box represents my parts of my personal identity from a counter narrative, which are being a Oaklander, a Latino, a fan of sports, and the oldest son and brother to the family. In the outside of the box is stereotypes, society’s perception, and the dominant narrative of Latino men and how society sees me like if there’s a […]

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