• EdwinM

Dear Julia, I agree about how we should help others to have the necessary medications to save money and help their loved ones who are not doing well. My Grandpa was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012 and my mom and uncle (my mom’s younger brother) were sending money to help...

Dear CM, I am sorry to hear that one of your students have diabetes and that student is fighting back to lower the costs of insulin. We are trying to help people to learn about this topic of rising costs of medication by educating the community and telling the truth...

Dear Julian, I like how you used a speech from an activist like MLK JR. and use the I HAVE A DREAM speech to transform it into a poem that is based on the speech by using some key words and show a message to people around...

Dear Steven Dinh, Thank you for your very thoughtful feedback on my blog based on police brutality. I really work on this very hard and researched a lot of supporting evidence to my claims of how it impacts the community and how to solve it with the city. The questions...

Dear Evelin, Thank you for your specific,thoughtful comment and the reason why I added schools are affected by police brutality and misconduct is that there are more police and police cruisers near a school filled of colored/low or mid level students in other states. I know we don't have...

The Salvation Army View Comment
  • @EdwinM
  • January 14, 2019

Dear Greg, I like how use evidence clearly to show how the Salvation Army help people with homelessness, drug/alcohol, and more! While you should have more analysis, you still did great in your essay by showing evidence, reasons, and having a great argument to argue. Also, you should explain more...

Dear Marleni, I like how you used 2 interviews and 2 sources to show that Immigrants create a better future with more diversity in the communities, bringing culture in Oakland, and having more ways to have a good life. BUT you should've talk more about your argument to expand your...

War and Violence! View Comment
  • @EdwinM
  • December 5, 2018

Dear Oscar, Hi it’s Edwin and I wanted to say that I like how you connect your poem to Shakespeare and to the community of Oakland and the world at the same time! Its very understandable when reading it because it relates to many moments that happened this year which...

Diego’s True self View Comment
  • @EdwinM
  • October 10, 2018

Dear Diego I like how you add a model of a Nintendo Switch and a Fire powered Mario toy to show that you are a big fan of nintendo and its games and you are a very big nerd of nintendo for god's sake. But I like how you add...

My shadow box View Comment
  • @EdwinM
  • October 10, 2018

Dear Yasmin, I did add a picture of my cat. It just very blurry to see but its on the left with my family pictures. But thank you for you positive feedback on my shadow box and hope you have a great day. Bye! Edwin

Jildardo’s True Identity View Comment
  • @EdwinM
  • September 12, 2018

Dear Jil, I am stand out about how you care about your family and your religion and culture in your artist statement of your project, "Jildardo's True Identity" because you were thoughtful and metacognitively of adding your family in your shadow box. Also, you added your love of football and...

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