• Dear Greg,

    I like how use evidence clearly to show how the Salvation Army help people with homelessness, drug/alcohol, and more! While you should have more analysis, you still did great in your essay by showing evidence, reasons, and having a great argument to argue. Also, you should explain more about why the Salvation Army is 100% Epic.

    Edwin M,

  • Dear Marleni,

    I like how you used 2 interviews and 2 sources to show that Immigrants create a better future with more diversity in the communities, bringing culture in Oakland, and having more ways to have a good life. BUT you should’ve talk more about your argument to expand your thinking and have more reasons why Immigrants show more…[Read more]

  • Bias, Racism, and Death in U.S. Communities

    Why is Police Brutality causing death? “It could have a lot to do with racism and just their bias about African-Americans”, says Kareem Marshal, Life Academy Middle Sch

    • Dear Edwin,
      I enjoyed reading your Blog called “Bias, Racism, and Death in U.S. Communities” because your showing about the everyday racism. I agreed with your about discrimination on colour people since slavery. One part that stood out to me was your quote “ “A Latina woman sits with her boyfriend outside his parents’ house in San Jose, California. Two police officers approach the car and explain that there had been multiple car thefts in the neighborhood and the couple were suspects. While the boyfriend shows one officer his ID, the other comes to the woman and asks her to step out of the car. He then unlocks the door from the inside and handcuffs her. He pulls her out of the car, unzips her jacket and touches her breasts claiming he is looking for weapons. When more officers arrive on the scene, the original officer bashes her head into the hood of the car when she does not fully cooperate” from Faust And Peacore. This stood out to me because they arrested her with no proof about the cars that were stolen. One part I slightly disagree with you or quite not understand how racism or discrimination affected students in school who has security guards. I personally like that there is a security in my school and we haven’t had a problem.
      Thanks for your writing, I look forward to seeing what you write next because I see you can write really strong arguments!

  • Dear Oscar,

    Hi it’s Edwin and I wanted to say that I like how you connect your poem to Shakespeare and to the community of Oakland and the world at the same time! Its very understandable when reading it because it relates to many moments that happened this year which were based on violence and war. Also I wanted to ask you that why did you made t…[Read more]

  • This is a poem about connecting Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare to our lives in Oakland, California. I am taking about the Poverty in the U.S., The Midterm Election of this year, and The Government of the

    • Dear Edwin ,
      Your poem was really cool. It showed the truth and made me notice the pain people that go through poverty go through. I can tell how much effort yu put into this poem which made me think that you’re great writer ! You did great and I liked the poem :). I got 2 questions for you.
      Does this topic get to you or make you feel some type of way ?
      Do you think that you should write more about this type of topics. If so , why ?

  • Dear Diego
    I like how you add a model of a Nintendo Switch and a Fire powered Mario toy to show that you are a big fan of nintendo and its games and you are a very big nerd of nintendo for god’s sake. But I like how you add the american flag to show your nationality but why didn’t you put a mexican flag for your ethnicity and race? Also I like how…[Read more]

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    Dear Yasmin,
    I did add a picture of my cat. It just very blurry to see but its on the left with my family pictures. But thank you for you positive feedback on my shadow box and hope you have a great day. Bye!


  • This shadow box represents my parts of my personal identity from a counter narrative, which are being a Oaklander, a Latino, a fan of sports, and the oldest son and brother to the family. In the outside of the box

    • Edwin, I appreciate how you are proud of where you are from regardless of negative stereotypes that people have about your city. I think that is great to be yourself and not worry about what people stereotype you as.

    • Dear Edwin

      I really liked how you explained some of the main things that are important to your life. For example being a oaklander, latino, fan of sports, and the oldest son. I liked how you explained some of the stereotypes people think of you. Like how people think that you or latinos are criminals and drug dealers which is the dominant narrative. And your side was that you don’t follow these stereotypes because they aren’t true. I also have a question why didn’t you add cats because don’t you love cats so much? -Yasmin

      • Dear Yasmin,
        I did add a picture of my cat. It just very blurry to see but its on the left with my family pictures. But thank you for you positive feedback on my shadow box and hope you have a great day. Bye!


  • Dear Jil,
    I am stand out about how you care about your family and your religion and culture in your artist statement of your project, “Jildardo’s True Identity” because you were thoughtful and metacognitively of adding your family in your shadow box. Also, you added your love of football and how you want to be a football player in college. Another…[Read more]

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