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  • EduardoG
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“Kill Or Get Killed” View Comment
  • @EduardoG
  • February 5, 2018

Dear John : I am encouraged by your post, “Kill Or Get Killed”, because you talk about being in a deadly scenario and how you could’ve died but one of your squad members helped you. In addition, you talk about how you have to focus on if you want to...

Dear Brooklyn I am concerned about your post because it’s impacting people and children all over the United States. Also many of us are against Trump because he’s tearing apart families that have struggled are their lives and are still going through tough times. One sentence you wrote that stands...

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I’m from Oakland! View Comment
  • @EduardoG
  • January 19, 2018

Dear Bladimiro I can completely relate to your poem “ I’m from Oakland!” because I see it every day I have experienced it and it’s still happening. I would say that even though we might live in a crappy area, we can use that as motivation to get out of...

Dear: Andrew I am afraid of the children not playing sports as much as they use to. I agree in your post, “How would youth be different without sports?” because it’s important for children to exercise because it’s healthy for their body and also mentally fit. One sentence you wrote that...

Dear Luz Morales : I am astonished by, your letter, “ America the Beautiful Together We Stand,” because you were very detailed on one point of view however, you did not imply the white supremacist point of view. In this case you seen very bias. One sentence you wrote...

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