• Dear Youth Voices Community,

    My name is Eduardo Guzman and I go to Fremont High School. I am a junior and I’m in the Architecture Academy. Also, I will graduate from high school in 2019 and I plan to attend a 4

  • Street Life is a young people novel that introduces growing up in the hood while being influenced by gangs, violence, drugs and other things. My favorite part of the book is when Victor turns his life around and

    • Eduardo,
      This seems like an educational, yet inspiring book. I have not been exposed to many hardships in my life, so I think that reading this would be beneficial for me. I truly believe that with hard work and dedication you can achieve success, no matter the circumstances. It’s great that this book conveys that.
      Thanks for sharing an introduction to “Street Life”! I hope to read it soon.

  • I chose these images because they represent a visual representation of the author’s words. The background I decided to use was this one because it plain, and I didn’t want something flashy. The quotes I chose are

  • Dear Dr. Rios:

    My name is Eduardo Guzman. I’m in the 11th grade, and I hate politics. I also hate people who talk too much because they annoy me. I have just finished chapter 8 of your autobiography Street L

  • Dear John :
    I am encouraged by your post, “Kill Or Get Killed”, because you talk about being in a deadly scenario and how you could’ve died but one of your squad members helped you. In addition, you talk about how you have to focus on if you want to accomplish something. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “When you’re out there, yo…[Read more]

  • In 20 years it would be 2038. I would be standing inside a stadium with hundreds of thousands of people. I’m going to say a prayer in the locker room before going to the field. People would be cheering for my t

    • Hello Eduardo, I like this mini article that you made. It is true that stereotypes are always going to be around now that they have been made. I would have loved if you added some more examples and articles to explain your reasoning. Although, I still very much like this post.

    • Eduardo,
      I think that this is a very cool article that you have written. I like how you have set your sights high and believe that you can achieve anything. I like how at the end you brought up a different point than what your the first part of your article brings up. But do you think that stereotypes still occur today because everyone is afraid of changing their culture norm. In all I think this is a great article and am excited to see what else you do.

    • Hi Eduardo,
      It is interesting to hear what you plan to do in 20 years. It is also interesting you bring up stereotypes. Why do you think people create stereotypes about others? And do you think stereotypes can also have positive effects?
      It is still interesting to read and I hope you follow your goals you set for yourself in life!

    • Eduardo,
      This is a really well written article. I like that you have a dream for yourself and that you are willing to chase for. I also like your line on stereotype line. I agree with you that there will not be peace without people not judging one another. This was a very good article.

    • Hi Eduardo! I loved reading this because it is inspiring when people are ambitious and have high dreams that they believe they can achieve. I always find it fascinating when people love a sport so much they could do it for the rest of their lives. At the end you wrote, “peace will never settle because stereotypes will always be around” and this was very profound and true now that I think about it. These stereotypes cause people to be blinded by their subconscious which detracts them from freely getting to know others, which often causes conflict. I hope there is a way to eliminate stereotypes and change people’s minds about assuming traits for others. I think you will like this article about breaking stereotypes, http://www.thesetonian.com/2018/02/08/students-break-gender-stereotypes-in-studies/. I hope your dreams of becoming a professional footballer come true!

    • Eduardo,
      It is very inspiring to see that you are so passionate about something that you could see yourself doing it twenty years. I like how you tied stereotypes in to this because I think a lot of times certain stereotypes can draw us away from our dreams and what we truly want to accomplish in your life. Thanks for your post!

  • Animal testing is unethical and should be banned because it’s wrong to use animals as test subjects even if it’s a successful experiment. Animals possess the right to live freely without being used by humans. Hum

    • Eduardo, I really liked the topic of your post. I think it is a very important topic that everyone should be aware of. Do you think there is anything we can do to change this horrible practice? There are a lot of people that use many products that companies partake in testing their products on animals. Why do you think that humans have no right to test on animals? Do you think that the same laws that apply to us should apply to animals as well? I think that there is a lot that you can talk about within this post. Here is an article that I found about testing on animals: https://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-experimentation/cosmetic-household-products-animal-testing/
      Great post!

  • Dear Brooklyn
    I am concerned about your post because it’s impacting people and children all over the United States. Also many of us are against Trump because he’s tearing apart families that have struggled are their lives and are still going through tough times.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ We no longer stick up for each…[Read more]

  • Dear Bladimiro
    I can completely relate to your poem “ I’m from Oakland!” because I see it every day I have experienced it and it’s still happening. I would say that even though we might live in a crappy area, we can use that as motivation to get out of Oakland and become someone in the future so we won’t have to face problems that we are facing in…[Read more]

  • Dear: Andrew
    I am afraid of the children not playing sports as much as they use to. I agree in your post, “How would youth be different without sports?” because it’s important for children to exercise because it’s healthy for their body and also mentally fit.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Kids will be more aware of the amoun…[Read more]

  • My name is Eduardo Guzman a fellow student at Fremont High School. I learned that both sides had major problems that resulted in violence and death. Growing up as a teenager in America is hard because you have

    • Dear Eduardo,
      I am satisfied by your post because I can relate to you. My parents came from Mexico with nothing and din’t finish high school either. One thing you said that stood out to me was were you said “An issue that our leaders should prioritize is immagration because this affects everyone in the United States.” I think it’s important for our leaders of America to know that immagrants don’t bring bad things to the United States, they bring culture and hark work to it. Thanks for sharing your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next.
      Genesis Garcia Reyes

    • lucio replied 2 years ago

      I am satisfied by your post because I agree that if we would work together our bonds would become stronger, and we will understand immagrants don’t bring bad things to the United States.

    • lezly replied 2 years ago

      Dear Eduardo,
      I am satisfied with your post because you cover what it is like to be an immigrant. What is intriguing, are the problems one as an immigrant, is facing.
      One thing you said that stood out to me was this: “Also, you sometimes have very difficult choices that impact you in a negative way and these choices don’t just you but also how people see you, how the world sees you and most importantly how people in power see you.” I think it is well written because I can relate.

    • Eduardo,
      I was intrigued by your post because your personal take on the issue drew me in. You told us what it’s like to be an immigrant, what it’s like to feel judged for your differences. I agree that immigration is not something to fear. My favorite part of your discussion was the conclusion: ” Something I would tell the leaders of America is that if we work together our bonds will become stronger and our economy would be more efficient. Something I would like to see in the future America is everyone being equal, no judgments, no racism but everyone being united as one no matter who you are.” I think this is an important statement, and I agree that if we all work together it would benefit everyone. Great post!!

    • Dear Eduardo,
      Thank you for posting this. I loved how you touched on the fact that America would be greatly impacted if the immigrants were kicked out, and I think this is an issue several people overlook. What do you think that we can do, in our own communities, to help spread equality to everyone, especially immigrants, who may feel suppressed, and not like a true member of society? Thank you very much for your post,
      Lexi Thomsen

    • Dear Eduardo,

      I love you post and what you agreeing with in fact I agree with you. I love the line where you said, ” Something I would tell the leaders of America is that if we work together our bonds will become stronger and our economy would be more efficient.” I definitely agree with you I wish leaders from american would understand too. Mostly because it would be a great impact if immigrants would all leave we would be left with a lot of job openings because immigrants are big helpful impacts in our communities.

      Thank you for sharing this post!

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