• Hello,
    I really liked your poem. It is very well written and flows smoothly. I could picture exactly what you were talking about while reading this poem! Very good job!

  • Hi Lauren,
    Is a performance based classroom like traditional while task-oriented is montessori? I hope you enjoy going to a middle school and looking at how the students are engaged. I feel like the pressure that is set on students leaves us without wanting to engage in the classroom. Our brains are on overdrive most of the time and seven hours…[Read more]

  • Dear Tino,
    Do you believe that concussions are something that players can play through? I am glad that USA Football is trying to change how kids tackle to avoid concussions. Any injury to the brain is scary and I hope that they can change the tackling standards not just in kids football but also college and professional football.

  • I have created a survey to gather information pertaining to how people sleep and what they do before bed. I am hoping to include this information is my research topic to figure out how we can get the best nights

    • This is really interesting! Are you collecting information from people of all ages or just high schoolers?

    • This is really cool! I love to learn more about my sleep? How often do you sleep per night? Would you say you have good sleeping habits?

    • Hey Lena,

      I really can’t wait to see all the data you gather from the surveys. I have heard so many things that may come in the way of getting a goodnights rest. I always wonder how much of that is actually true. I feel like for a high schooler any sleep you can get is not enough. We always seem tired and want to sleep all the time. I look forward to reading your essay to find out more about sleeping well!

  • The research process could go on for years because there is lots of information out there. I have a time limit so I have to be smart in how I research. I began with finding a topic that intrigued me. Which is very

    • Hello Lena,
      I enjoyed reading your update on your research paper. I think you have a wonderful start to research. I did not know that food and drinks can play a role in how you sleep. What food or drinks should you avoid eating or drinking before going to bed?

    • Nice work, Lena! This is a very intriguing topic. I mean, who doesn’t want to get the best night of sleep possible. It sounds like you have a great handle on the research process and that you know what the next steps will be. Keep up the good work!

  • Writing a long research paper is complex and daunting. The key is taking it step by step. If you try to conquer it without a plan then it will end in disaster, but if you take it step by step than you will be able

    • Sleep is such an important topic, especially because people are sacrificing a lot of sleep these days to get things done. We are sort of brushing it aside because people don’t know why we need sleep. Information of why we need sleep needs to be more present in society so that a good nights rest is more highly valued. I thought you might like this article: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/05/sleep/max-text. It looks like you could be able to find some good info in it.

    • Hey Lena. I really enjoyed your take on sleep and the necessity of more of it. There is always at least that one person in every class who is sleeping or says “I’m tired”. It is true that teens need to get more sleep. Sometimes, we sleep late because we may have happened to have received a lot a homework for the day or we have jobs, involved in sports, etc. But also many just tend to procrastinate which will force them to write a paper or do a project the day before which will decrease sleep for that night. But I am really glad to hear another reasoning on why we sleep. Hopefully we will know more in the future.

  • Hello Lilly,
    I agree with your opinion that Black Friday shopping should not start on the actual day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day for families to spend time together. Obviously, as you mentioned some people could care less if they work on Thanksgiving or not. However, I feel like a majority do. I am happy that this year some malls and…[Read more]

  • When people think of hunting, naturally they think of the killing of animals. However, some people also think of eating meat and how we used to hunt animals to survive. We used to survive off of hunting animals,

    • Lena,
      I really liked reading your essay. I liked how you gave so many new perspectives on hunting. I especially liked when you mentioned that deer can hard the farms crops too. This is because it is a totally different view point from what people are used to hearing about. I also really enjoyed reading your intro and find it very effective. Good Job!

  • Hello Vanessa,
    I loved this post! I like how you included quotes and even brought in the pros and cons from the article that you read. It shows that you did more research on a topic than watch a football game. You brought up very good arguments for both sides. This is truly a hard decision to make. He is creating talk about this issue because he…[Read more]

  • Hello Monica,
    I agree with your last statement that people shouldn’t keep it to themselves and that they should tell someone. They need to tell someone because if you don’t it could eat away at you. I also agree with you that in our world people are judgmental. I don’t think it is because we want to be judgmental the sad fact is that the human…[Read more]

  • One thing everyone can agree on during this presidential election is that the two candidates have very different opinions on almost every issue. Their opinions are rarely similar at all. 

    A topic they have very

    • Sid replied 3 years ago

      Hey Lena,
      I agree that global warming is an ongoing problem in the world. I liked how you contrasted the views of the candidates in order to state your opinion. Do you think there is anything specific the future president could do to to stall the process of global warming?

    • Lena,
      I believe that global warming is real and we do have a huge issue on this. However, whether or not it is real I feel like air pollution is a huge issue as well. Our next President should have ideas on decreasing the amount of pollution that is being released into the air destroying our atmosphere.

    • Caleb replied 3 years ago

      I agree with you that the candidates have very different views on pretty much everything, but I believe that global warming is a hoax, and there aren’t any real problems with climate change. Therefore, it is not a big issue and there are a lot more important things we should worry about.

  • Lena commented on the post, How to Earn our Respect 3 years ago

    I agree with you that water and jobs are very important to the human population. Each and every state has their own problems that must be fixed. I applaud you for speaking out for your state. For solving the unemployment issue could you elaborate on what you mean about since there is money it wouldn’t be hard to create jobs?

  • I understand your concern about Pokemon go because I have expressed that in the past with friends and family. A lot of people are injured because they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. However, it also has some good things. I know some people who have lost weight because Pokemon go is making them get out of the house and exercise. Do…[Read more]

  • Lena commented on the post, Spoiled Children 3 years ago

    I agree with you on that spoiling kids can actually backfire on them later, but I think it is okay to spoil them sometimes. Spoiling a kid with a brand new Mercedes or buying them everything they want isn’t the best idea. However, it is a good idea to spoil your kids sometimes. Do you think that spoiling a kid sometimes is a good or bad idea?

  • I agree that having to balance school, and work causes unneeded stress.I do believe that the amount of money a person pays for college is excessive, especially when there isn’t much help for college debt. Do you have any ideas of how our future president could help with this issue?

  • I believe that life is an adventure. No one knows what will happen in the future, it is a wait and see type thing. Everyday we embark on a new adventure even if it just means starting a new day. It is a new day,

    • Sid replied 3 years ago

      Lena, I really liked the tone of this essay and how it hooks in the reader. Your title is very strong and unique. I also really enjoyed reading the paragraph with the scenery; you set the scene well and I you did a good job of showing, not telling. I also agree with your definition of adventurous that it does not necessarily have to be dangerous.

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