• Dear Angelina,
    I am stunned by your shadow box, “Shadow Box” because i can see that numerous people can relate to your counter and dominant narratives shown in the box. This box does not show a lot of colors but holds thousands of words. Words that people internalized or used to liberate themselves. It’s all a mix of emotions. One sen…[Read more]

  • The items that are in this box is the message behind my identities, my counter narratives. When I appear in one’s eyesight, they see a vulnerable and young girl: Brown hair and eyes. Some brown eyes hold the s

    • Hello Edith, my name is Kayla Whittiker and I am a San Jose State University student and I wanted to let you know that this is a wonderful shadow box. I really enjoyed reading on it because every item has a deeper meaning than what you see. You touched on everything your shadow box means to you through you nationality, religion, and gender identity and it was such a good representation with these items included. I see you put an alien in the middle of your box and with the counter narrative, it really made the completion. Good job Edith.

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