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    Healthcare for Immigrants

    Dear Gavin Newsom:  Did you know 1 in 4 immigrants live in California (XAVIER BECERRA Attorney General). Meaning that California holds the most immigrants than any other state. And from what my team and I learned, you have helped these...

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  • Dear Jimena, you’ve written a serious issue that needs to be talked about more. I agree with every point you’ve listed. Air pollution is damaging our Earth and children. We cannot let this problem be unseen by people in power. They too need to talk about this issue and figure out some solutions. A line that stood out to me is, “Global warmi…Read More

  • Dear Ashley, you post, “Oakland’s Downfall” is really interesting. Your writing is intriguing. And now that I realized it, gentrification is removing the culture that is in Oakland. A sentence from your post, reads “Oaklanders are the root of the culture” and I completely agree with this. The fact that high rent is the reason why POC leave the…Read More

  • Dear Dayanara, the statistics you’ve provided really did startled me. The idea of building tiny houses and turn vacant homes occupied is a goal we as a community in Oakland should accomplished; to decrease the growth of homelessness in our city. You’ve said, “If they can obtain more volunteers to build the tiny homes, than the faster they can m…Read More

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    “Sometimes I feel like I can’t set my roots here completely because it could be taken away,” said Andrea Barba, undocumented women and an OUSD graduate. Undocumented children come to the US so they can get the l

    Undocumented People Mark Their Spot in The USA

    “Sometimes I feel like I can’t set my roots here completely because it could be taken away,” said Andrea Barba, undocumented women and an OUSD graduate. Undocumented children come to the US so they can get the life their...

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    • Edith,

      I am in total agreement with you and your blog “Undocumented People Mark Their Spot In The USA” because, after reading your blog, I believe undocumented people feel insecure, unsafe and excluded from society and from a place other than their hometown. Instead of making them live with the constant fear of them one day leaving this country, we should help them out by making sure they feel safe and comfortable at all times; make them feel like they’re at home. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “…undocumented people deserve respect and equity as citizens not deportation because they have adapted to living in the USA, because they lived in the U.S. for most of their lives…” I think this is very useful and makes a very clear point about how we cannot kick “immigrants” out of the US because they weren’t born there. They’ve lived in this country for more than half of their life and we don’t have the right to kick them out of it because we feel like it. Another sentence that I thought really stood out to me was: “We cannot depend on one single, possibly a cruel leader (our president), we need to depend on each other as leaders. We still have the ability to stop the oppressive history from repeating itself into our presence.” This stood out for me because it made me rethink and realize that if we want something to change we have to take action and not wait on one individual to make decisions for all of us. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I really liked the variety of evidence you choose and how well you were to analyze it. Again, thanks for sharing and I can’t wait til I come across more of your amazing writing.

    • Dear Edith, I agree with your blog, “Undocumented People Mark Their Spot In The USA” because you mentioned that the U.S. is called the “land of the free” but, immigrants aren’t free, they are controlled and constantly told what they can and can’t do. You also mentioned “The US is a land of immigrants but we treat immigrants like the other”. These lines stood out to me because we are living on stolen land, the land of immigrants and they are still dehumanized and controlled. You made great points on how immigrants or children of immigrants start to call the U.S. home and how when they go back to their country, they see it as a whole new world and it’s completely different. I agree with this as well because since they’ve lived here for the majority of their life or possibly their whole life, they forget what their country looked like and it’s sad. You are a very talented. writer and thank you for sharing, I hope to come across more of your writing.

    • Dear Edith,
      I feel great about your post “Undocumented People Mark Their Spot in The USA”
      And that you decided to choose this topic. One sentence that stood out to me was, ”Thousands and thousands of undocumented people come to the US each year. Most of them are young. And as they grow old, they start to consider the US as home instead of their home country.” it stood out to me because it is true, most of the kids who are brought here to the U.S do see the country as home and where not raised in what was supposed to be their home country. However, a part of your article I disagree with is when you mentioned Andrea Barbara because she didn’t say “materialistic things” as a way to say immigrants can get in power. Have you considered changing the claim to match the quote, the quote talks more about immigrants coming to the U.S and putting in hard work to be able to live in a nicer area and not them getting in power.

    • Dear Edith, Agree with your post Undocumented People Mark Their spot in The USA because in the quote “sometimes i feel like i can’t set my roots here completely because it could be taken away” This is important because a lot of families that come that are undocumented feel like this because at any moment they could just not be here anymore and that is something that maybe family’s fear everyday when they should not have to fear that but they do. Another strong point was when you say that the USA is the land of the free but do people really feel free when they are here are they able to come in and out when they want are they able to live here without any worries. I agree with this point because if this was really the land of the free then shouldn’t people really be allowed to do what they want. Thanks for writing keep it up.

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