• I intend to address the relationship between anxiety and the error related negativity across development. I currently work in a clinical psychophysiology lab at MSU where they are doing a current study on this. I

    • Emily: I am interested in your topic and look forward to seeing how it fleshes out. If this helps, here’s a link to a site that talks about these two things being connected. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3856858/

    • Emily, I really look forward to reading your final article on the subject. I genuinely relate to this subject because most of my anxiety is linked to error, or maybe not and I actually never knew it was a real issue nor something people even researched to try to understand, but I want to understand as well and would love to help out so here’s a website that might http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi= The report on this that both researchers Jacob B. Hirsh and Michael Inzlicht explain greatly their opinion on the matter of error related negativity and why they think it’s caused. Hope this helps!

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    This is very well written and I appreciate you shedding a light on this important topic. I like that you bring up the second amendment and how it has not been updated for modern times. Our world is very different than it was when it was added to the constitution and should definitely be updated. I agree that the two political parties should…[Read more]

  • Women are often the victims of domestic abuse by their male romantic partners. Domestic abuse can leave emotional and physical damage and even result in death. When a domestic abuser owns or has access to a gun,

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      This is a great essay. You ethos was perfect and used a myriad of sources to enforce your point. Gun control is always a difficult problem. Restrictions towards abusers is a good idea. Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. Good job!

    • I found your title really appealing and that’s what interested me in reading your piece. I found that the argument was very well backed but I’m left with two questions. Were the women who were killed having an affair or was it just because the lack of stability of the male. Lastly what about men who had restraining order but weren’t necessarily correct. A friend of mine had a restraining order placed on him because he had supposedly raped her but he didn’t. So you would do a background check on him and deem him unfitting of a gun because of something that he didn’t even do. So the question I have is what will you do with situations like that?

    • GOod job though

    • Nate replied 1 month ago

      Emily, your piece was very well written and informative. Your voice carried through your work as if you were speaking directly to your audience, and I had no idea about this issue of the “boyfriend loophole” and i couldn’t agree more with your solution. Hopefully this issue will be lessened in the future.

  • “I zoomed right outta there.”

    It has always sounded much slicker than saying “I left.”

    It’s a phrase I often use. If one were to ask my friends, they would most certainly agree.

    Words beginning with the lette

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