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    Your poem reminds of something that I made once. One time, I had to make a poem of my place and it was really hard getting all descriptive and keeping a well structured poem and a good flow through out the whole poem.

    Thanks for your poem! I look forward to seeing what you make next because this poem is really incredible!

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    Dear Jada :

    I am fascinated by your poem, “The Warmth of A City,” because I love how your poem described the place so well. It felt as I was there my self. I had a whole image about this place with just your description.

    One part of your poem that stands out for me is where your flow was neat. I think this is incredible because some peo…[Read more]

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    Dear Meless,
    I enjoyed reading your inspiring and lovely poem called ¨Where Im From” because it speaks about your life. And where you are from. I love how you used “I am”as a starting sentence for most of your lines!

    One sentence that you wrote that i liked is ¨I am from a land of harvesting hands,”This sentence speaks highly of you and o…[Read more]

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    Katelyn, Your poem “Hurricane Michael” really spoke out to me. I love how you decided to write about an important event that we can all learn from. This poem is something we can all take notes on and learn from. Thanks for educating us on this big situation. There is some people who might’ve not even known about this issue. I love the line…[Read more]

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    Are colored people given a fair chance in our world? Or does their colored skin speak out for them? No one gives them a fair shot to show people who they truly are. Your skin color is everything. Your skin color

    • I agree with this because it is showing that you are who you are, there is no turning back, no changing your race. You stand up for yourself and demonstrate who you are, it doesn’t matter what skin tone, or language you speak.

    • I really like and agree with this because i believe you should not change who you are. You should always be true to yourself and stand up for your rights. No matter what your skin color is.

    • I really enjoyed this topic. I believe it’s something very important. Your postal code really shouldn’t determine your destiny. Being black in a white world will sometimes make you insecure and might make you feel like you have to change in order to fit in. when in reality there’s really nothing you can do but get used to the fact that you are an outsider and find healthy ways to deal with the fact.

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    • Dear Eclas, I am facinated by your equality post, “Mind Dump”, because you made it right to the point and clear. Its message stands out. One word you that you wrote that stands out to me is, “Race” I think this is agreeable because that is a main part of equality. Your post reminds me of when something like this happened to me one day regarding my race. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I can relate so much to your post and its easy to understand

    • This mind dump really shows the issues that equality bares, equality is dealt with race, religion, color and rights. This shows that you know that equality isn’t as it seems. I don’t believe in equality in the first place, I believe equity is a more substantial way of thinking, give to those who don’t have and receive when you are in need.

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    I love how well you described this happy place you so call. Its like i can vision my self there.

  • I love how you went in deep about your experience with your religion, it takes a strong person to stand out and talk about a situation like that. I also have trouble with my religion in this nation. I’m Somalian and proud and everyone always wants to be racist or mad dog me because of my scarf. I keep strong and its crazy how people are dying…[Read more]

  • I love the story about the thief its very eye opening. Its crazy how the least expected can happen. Its crazy how someone can be so cruel enough to hit an elder women! This nation has no respect and its very disappointing and sad! It hurts my heart to hear such a story!

  • My name is Eclas im 17 years old. I attend HSHMC in California. I’m an outgoing person. I like seeing the best in anything and anyone. I’m usually doing better independent. I was born In San Diego. I lived in San

  • What does it mean to be American? Is it freedom? Equality? Being American means not being criticized or put down because of your skin color. Being American means having a word in anything and everything. It means

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