• Through this news I knew about world war II and how it was ended and this is very well-written. But it differs from the war in my country, Yemen, because the war in Yemen is a civil war and a struggle to seize power. In Yemen, some people do not find food and feel anxious and the salary is not available in these circumstances.
    But I hope that…[Read more]

  • This question makes me confused because it concerns us. What I think I already know is that my country continues the war for five years, but we want to end this tragic war that has destroyed the country and the

    • Overall great job Ebrahim presenting the information. I really like how detailed and oriented your facts are. It helps the reader easily understand what its happening on Yemen. You do a great job explaining what is happening however, I think you should explain maybe a possible solution or two.

    • I agree with Casey! I think you did a great job writing and presenting the important facts, but in some instances come up with ways to solve the problems that are going on and how they can affect everyone and then maybe connect it to other places. Overall you did a very good job and I hope to read more of your writing soon!

    • Good job on this writing. I liked how you went into depth to describe the issues arising with the war going on in Yemen. I also liked how you talked about how devastating the war is, and why it really is so bad. Overall great post!

    • This was a great piece! I learned a lot about what’s going on in Yemen because of this and it allowed me to develop my own views on the issue as well. I think that the background information you gave about the country before the war started showed that it isn’t just a country that is defined by war.
      If you want to look more into this issue, I would recommend reading this article: https://www.cfr.org/interactive/global-conflict-tracker/conflict/war-yemen.
      Overall, great job!

    • This post told me what happens in Yemen, I don’t know about it because I don’t follow the news. It’s a great post, and I hope that one day there’s no war but only peace and love in this world.

    • Hey Ebrahim, my parents are from Yemen I know how it feels and how it hurts them. I honestly did not know any of this. This post really touched me and gave me a bigger idea. I love how you describe everything. Thanks for your time and putting this post out there, people really need to know. I look forward to seeing your future posts.

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