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  • Mental health has become one of the biggest issues happening at this time and age. I think adding statistics to your project could help benefit in the sense that we are able to see when it started to get worse as well as how it progressively is getting worse, if that is the case. Also writing some of the causes of mental health issues as well as…Read More

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    Wow I found this article to be very interesting especially when you mention that the more prepared someone was for a class lead to them having a higher graded leading them to be more success. It was also very interesting that this success also lead them to other successes beyond just in their school work. I would think that added some statistics…Read More

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    Emmanuela commented on the post, Changes

    This was very beautiful and I really liked the line where you stated ”
    I know you or the family aren’t happy with everything I’ve done in my past, shit nor am I. But hopefully I can make a change and made the best changes I’ve already done.” It is really important to make a difference or change. This was a beautiful piece of writing. Here are s…Read More

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    Emmanuela commented on the post, Fat girl

    Wow your poem “Fat Girl” is uplifting to all girls out there in the sense that because you are different to what society finds acceptable or beautiful, doesn’t mean you are anything else. Your poem was very eye opening to a lot of what we find acceptable and favorable like skinny girls. All girls are beautiful no matter the color or shape, and we…Read More

  • It was really interesting reading the start of social media and the use of internet and how far we have gotten with it nowadays. For many people, social media acts as a form of self expression being whoever you would like to be and also for businesses it acts as a form of spreading information about their product to consumers. Whatever purpose…Read More

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