• Srihita, I really liked the overall message of your writing. I think that yes, it is important where you are going but you shouldn’t forget your past. People can learn from their past and go forward with that knowledge to make their lives better. You said that after Rodriguez’s life went downhill she decided to do something about it, maybe she kne…[Read more]

  • What does America mean to you? This question is one that I’ve heard all of my life, starting early. I don’t think I’ve ever answered this question the same way twice because my opinion is always changing and my kn

    • Emilee, I love your post! It caused me to think about how my views have changed over the years, and how other people have influenced it. The book you talk about, Make Your Home Among Strangers, sounds very intriguing as well. It is always a struggle to maintain that balance between family and yourself, and I would love to hear the book’s ideas. I also like how you discuss how equality will never be fully achieved, because it is a harsh reality that we all must face eventually. Thank you for your post.

    • Emilee, I found your post very interesting. Especially the idea about how everyone has a different view and opinion on not only what it means to be an American but what they think are American values. As you said, America is commonly thought of as a country that values freedom and equality, but there are two sides to everything. Our country today is still not completely equal in every way, but we are more so than even fifty years ago. Thank you for posting.

    • I love your sentence “Living in America can mean being yourself, fighting for what you believe in, or having opportunities you might not have somewhere else”. I think that’s so true. Also I agree with you that being an american is different for everyone, it depends on you and your story.

    • Great post. I like that you used sources to back up your claim. I understand your point you’re getting across about being an American. It is a really good layout.

    • I loved this post! I think you brought up a good point about how being an American can mean so many different things to different people, and that even that is a part of being an American. I also liked how you mentioned the struggles America has gone through and the goals we continue to strive for without discounting our successes.
      As of today, what does being an American mean to you? Why do you think that is? Could you live without some of the things that America harbors and provides?

  • Rebecca, thank you for posting! I really like how you talked about how the American Dream means something different for everyone. I think the American Dream is usually talked about as one big idea, but really it’s a bunch of ideas working toward a common goal. I was able to see how it’s different in your post, especially when you talk about…[Read more]

  • Trinity, I like how you talk about time being an important value and how Americans often take control of their environment. It gave me a lot to think about because I had never thought about either of these things before. I think that our ability to be concerned about these ideas really does show the opportunities we are afforded as Americans. I…[Read more]

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about America? Is it freedom? Equality? Diversity? Maybe it’s all of these things combined, or maybe it’s none. America means something different to eve

    • Hi Emilee, thank you for sharing your post. I found your ideas on the change in the american dream very interesting. I agree very much with your example from Langston Hughes, where he said “There’s never been equality for me, Nor freedom in this “homeland of the free””. Even though equality and freedom are some of America’s main values, that doesn’t mean they happen, and it doesn’t mean they happen the same for everyone. I also agree that the transformation towards an american dream about possessions is unfortunate, if it is possible shifting back towards the original dream would be a wonderful achievement as a country. But thank you again for sharing I really enjoyed your post.

    • Emilee, I really liked your post. I like how you used examples of people’s feelings form the past and the present. I agree with what you said at the end about how we need to get back on track and care about morals. I love your call to action at the end. It really got me thinking!

    • Emilee, this is a wonderfully written post! America has changed drastically in the past century, even in the past decade, and descriptive words of America are changing. As you said, many of our values and desires have changed which reflect on our image. Our robust desire for materials has caused our nation as a whole to take a step back from preserving our American identity of ‘America the Brave’. I love how you included Hughes’ poem’s description of American society having equality, diversity, freedom, and sovereignty. In my opinion, we have evolved into these qualities and I don’t think we have always had these qualities. I believe that the only way our nation can keep our American dream alive is by evolving it year by year. I have found a website that sheds a little bit of light on our American Dream, and I hope it furthers your research. It describes how the American Dream is a search for happiness and how it has changed over time. I am excited to see the final result of this paper! https://www.thebalance.com/what-is-the-american-dream-today-3306027

    • Emilee,
      Great post! It was well written and supported, making me think a lot. I do agree that the American Dream has changed, but I don’t know if it’s for the better or for the worse. To me, my American Dream is similar to James Truslow Adams’ and Langton Hughes’. However I know that for other people it may be more of how Shiller views it. Due to the uniqueness of each person, it means that there are many versions of the American Dream. Dreams change, that is the beauty of them, and it makes me wonder what the American Dream will be like in twenty years. Will it go back to the older American Dream? Will it stay the same? Or will it be completely different than either of those?

  • Alex, I think this is really interesting. I’ve never thought about where fear comes from so I like how you took the time to explain because maybe it will help make more people aware. When I think about fear I normally just think about how I have them and now why so this gave me insight into where it comes from. I’ve noticed how we pick up p…[Read more]

  • Dear Jesus,
    I agree wholeheartedly that racism needs to end. I think the ultimate goal is a world in which there is no inequality. Like you, I’ve never personally experienced a racial slur but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what goes on around me. I think that making racial slurs illegal is a good idea in theory, but it might be hard to enfor…[Read more]

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