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    Death Penalty at the door

    In the article, "Is the Death Penalty on the Way Out?" (Patricia Smith, November 21, 2022) I learned that the death penalty is slowly being abolished form states and countries. Over the years people have changed there opinions on...

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    • Dear Dulce,

      I’m exasperated by your post,”Death Penalty at the door” because it is such an interesting topic, whether to kill these people. the problem with it is that the law is incompetent, as seen through the stats you gave regarding African Americans and how they face the discrimination of the justice system. for this I think its better to not have it, otherwise if there was no bias against race and no innocent put in it, then id be fine with getting them killed.

      A sentence that stood out was,”No matter what a person has done they should not be sentenced to death because it is cruel and you are giving them the easy way out. But most of all no one should have the right to choose where someone live or dies because it is inhumane” I agree with giving them a way out through death, but at the same time who gave them permission to take someone’s life if they took it? well,

      it doesn’t matter much, more importantly, I think the problem with the incarceration of innocent people due to the incompetence of the justice and police system is of more value rather than some trash being disposed of.

  • Dear Brain,

    I am interested in your post, “The Long Road Ahead” because I like the way that you put information about both the pros and the cons of self-driving car. I didn’t know that they were saying that self-driving cars are a better drive. But most of all that they are safer than a human behind a wheel.

    One sentence you wrote that…Read More

  • Dear, Aaron

    I am shocked about your poem “Her cries of liberation,” because this poem hits very hard. These women have gone through so many things and yet things never get better because other people are looked down on them for who they are. Also the color of their skin but yet these women never give up and keep fighting nonstop for…Read More

  • Dear Ruendi,

    I am interested by your post “Biden’s administration and immigration,” because not a lot of people pay attention to the news or what is going on around them. I am one of these people so read your post was interesting to me because I did not know that Biden did that to the Haitians people when they most needed the help. So there is…Read More

  • Dulce commented on the post, America Means Inequality

    Dear Jude,

    I am impressed with your post ” America means inequality” because I will like to know about what people think about the United States of America. I like the fact that connected to story to yourself and other people that are going through the same time but you have the courage. To speak about it is like for you to be a American not…Read More

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Death Penalty at the door

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