• DulceCM
Finders Keepers View Comment
  • @DulceCM
  • April 19, 2021

Dear yamile, I am very interested in your post about "finders keepers" because I feel like these types of situations are an everyday thing. I think that If i were to be in this situation I would not spend the money at all because I would feel guilty for...

I am satisfied by your text "When mental illness is severe" because it really does give a good understanding how some of the things that they do to people with illnesses just makes them worse. They did not choose to have this life but they are still human beings...

The people vs. Covid-19 View Comment
  • @DulceCM
  • January 27, 2021

One sentence you wrote here that stands out for me is "You are helping them also, less patients, less loss, and the world can get back to”normal. " I agree with you here that many live were affected because of covid and it really has changed us. I feel...

Are dogs pets or meals? View Comment
  • @DulceCM
  • November 2, 2020

Dear rosa, I liked your posts about the article of ¨are dogs pet or meals¨ because I did not this would something to think about or why people would choose dogs to be a meal. One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is ¨I believe...

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