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    An election like no other

    This election in 2020 is completely different and something new. No election has ever been this way and I think it is crazy how we are apart of it. COVID-19 had affected the voting to be done different and...

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    • Dear Dulce,

      I am interested by your post, “An election like no other,” because I agree with you on several statements. This election has been the craziest yet and everyone has their own opinions about it.

      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me is: “It was pretty scary to see how the people will react on who their president is because nowadays in this world it is violence.” I think this is true because once Trump was elected in 2016 most people started hating him for his racial comments. I do not blame them because his comments were towards immigrants and the hispanic culture. I believe everyone is scared of riots and war in the streets.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you chose an interesting topic to write about.

      Melissa Aguilar

    • I completely agree with several of your point here. This election was extremely important and stressful for so many. Even though it’s technically over and Biden had been declared the next president of the United States Trump is still in office and will not go down without a fight. This continues the stress and many people I know are worried about what trump going to do with his limited time in office. And sadly no matter what the outcome is there will be riots in the street.

  • Dear rosa, I liked your posts about the article of ¨are dogs pet or meals¨ because I did not this would something to think about or why people would choose dogs to be a meal. One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is ¨I believe that dogs shouldn’t be killed for meals.¨ I truly agree with you because dogs were never meant to be a meal…Read More

  • Dulce wrote a new post

    What you need to know about the atomic bomb

    In the article "6 things to know about the atomic bomb" it was talking about how much things have changed in Japan since the U.S dropped 2 nuclear weapons on them. This killed thousands and thousands of people and...

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