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Those Winter Sundays By Robert Hayden, Read By Drew H.

What I Remember

A Journey Through

A Night/Gloomy Morning In NYC

The Diction I get from this poem is Symbol (“An object or action that stands for something more than it's literal meaning; generally contains several layers of meaning often concealed at first sight”)

The sound techniques in this poem, makes me think about it's rhythm, (“Rhythm makes language musical, emphasizes ideas, creates mood, and contributes to tone”)

This piece can be defined literary by it's use of tension, (The strain that results from forces pulling away from each other without reaching resolution)

A question I have for Maya according to this poem is.. She talking about her own living situation and the constant hissing she had to herself when she became an adult? Or is she referring back to when she was a child and heard her parents arguments.

The insight I get is, While she plays this nice friendly game of hopscotch, It reminds her of the life she's living. As each person jumps it starts to feel like her issues and how she's overcoming one and then being bombarded by the rest.

The image I get from reading this poem are a group of kids on a empty street with no cars passing, playing Hopscotch. Until each time she/the person jumps, her mind floods with things she has to do/things her parents have to provide.

I like the Personal experience and “Slang”, Yolanda used to describe Philadelphia.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Soft Thorns

Milk And Honey

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

The Princess Saves Herself in This One

And Still I Rise

Selected Poems Of Langston Hughes

A Dog’s Purpose

I think this whole sentiment Sharon provided for Tish was something that could give her a little bit of strength/peace till Fonny is out.

These words from paragraph 248-273. Where so cute. It's good to hear that there love is still going strong.

(Opinion) I don't think Fonny was trying to be rude to Tish/meant that in a hurtful way but with everything going on, he just seems very stressed.

It sounded as if Fonny was very fond of Daniel, I wonder if he made any visits to the jail where Fonny was being held.

I'm glad that they were putting in a effort to help Fonny. He deserves it after everything he's been through.

I think Tish understood the situation but was so blinded by the pain of Fonny's arrest, that she didn't wanna hear anything. I'm glad her mom was there to help her though.

I'm glad that even if Fonny is nervous, he's standing up and not backing down. This shows that he really love that girl.

That's also what I'm trying to figure out. And I wonder if Tish is having the same reaction as us.

(Opinion) She hardly even tries to put up a nice front, being that Tish is a guest. I wonder what was going through her head when she established she wouldn't like her.

This was a cute metaphor, that symbolized the love Fonny had for her. In a jokingly manor.

I agree, he stayed and they were both happy.

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