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  • Good work Antonio. I agree with that you are saying. The internet is a wild place where you can find almost anything, including the disturbing video you write about. I believe this lack of censoring has contributed to forming our generations and the new coming generations. It has made us more aware of the horrors around the world. I am excited to…Read More

  • Nice work Nate! You really brought up some strong points coming first hand from the mouths of these athletes. The rules of the usage of marijuana are changing everyday and becoming more progressive. I’m excited to see how this effects it’s readers and what the future of our nation and major league sports looks like, with the progressive movement…Read More

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    Standardized Testing

    Standardized tests are used by most schools. They are thought to demonstrate a students level of understanding and what they were able to learn through their classes. However, there is a lot of controversy about standardized tests nowadays. According...

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    • Drew, I really like what you wrote as I believe it is informative to both students and teachers. Like most students, I myself am not a fan of standardized testing because of the stress and anxiety it can cause students. I think you did a great job arguing both sides, and I do agree with the quote you used from Bryan Nixon about how it tests the curriculum of the school, rather than the student. You wrote this piece very informatively yet concisely, getting your point across in short order. Great job!


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Standardized Testing

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