• The objects in my shadow box really represent a lot about me and my nationality and race. This also shows a lot of my chosen identities like i’m a big fan of soccer and basketball so I put my favorite teams in

    • Dear Douglas,
      Something I liked about your shadow box is about how you want to embrace bout you being from Guatemala. I’m also from Guatemala so i do connect you from that. I like how you put the Guatemalan flag on the background so it does pop out. A sentence that stood out to me was about how you liked about Mario Kart 7. I liked that video game when i was little because me and my brother about who’s getting first place.

    • Hello Douglas, I am a student at SJSU, your shadow box was amazing what stood out to me was that you played soccer because soccer has been the only sport I’ve actually played. I love that sport and I love the dedication you have to the sport and the want to exceed and surpass from 2nd to 1st place. I also enjoyed the fact that you displayed your heritage and what it means to you.

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