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  • Douglas
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I Remember… View Comment
  • @Douglas
  • April 16, 2021

Dear : I feel your poem, “,” because . One that stands out for me is, “”. I think because . Another that stands out for me is, “”. I think because . Your poem a that I once...

Dear Terren: I am astonished about your poem, “Just a kid with a ball and a dream,” because the line syou chose to write made me think about the shot and the steps towards that shot. also you make me think about how basketballers would feel when there is very...

Love is something that everyone should get and this moment is pretty nice.

I feel like this is like something that happens in real life like some people would feel their parents like their siblings more but the fact is every parents likes their child

I just think that the mother of fonny deserves it becasue she was being so annoying

i chose this comment because i think this is a very important message becuase it means to be true to yourself

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Parents View Comment
  • @Douglas
  • November 23, 2020

Dear Anaee, I am intrigued by your poem because i feel like i kind of agree with this poem. i just feel like i'm part of this poem One thing you said that stands out for me is: “Don't you remember, The moments You said you’d Stay, be there for me” I think...

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Is 2D Animation Disappearing? View Comment
  • @Douglas
  • November 23, 2020

Dear Sharlee, I am interested in your post because i agree with your statement that 2d animation might be not seen as much as 3d animations. One thing you said that stands out for me is: “With the rise of a variety of successful 3D animation studios including Laika (who also...

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Sports Played During COVID-19 View Comment
  • @Douglas
  • November 4, 2020

Dear Zachary, I am intrested with your post because i didnt know that soccer players have it more easy for going out and just doing what they want in this pandemic. While the basketball players have it strict and they cant really do much. One thing you said that stands out...

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Conflict In China View Comment
  • @Douglas
  • November 3, 2020

Dear Emmanuel: I am Agreeing with your post, “Conflict in China,” because there were things that i heard that should not be happening. Some of the things im reading is just inhumane. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ they are even denying the fact that...

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literary element

i never really been there and this is kind of getting to go and i might do what he does but im gonna be more safe

i dont get a poets salsa but i can imagina a regular salsa and him being barefoot so i would wonder how much different is a poets salsa then a regular salsa

she has to work or she wont have much money and she needs the money for the family and the baby

i agree i wish all of this never happened to tish and fonny

this is a great moment but also a sad moment becuase they cant do this anymore because fonny is in jail

Fonny is having a lot of trouble in jail and he is trying to get help to get out of hell(prison)

no one should feel this scared in a public area where a lot of people can see

i agree and i think that hating or loving will make you pay more attention to someone and indifference makes people think that the more different you are then you will act a different way.

this is kind of sad and this just keeps bringing up the point that fonny is getting mistreated and this is unfair.

fonny is getting scared because he thinks that tish is going to get taken or love someone else. this is kind of nice because it shows how much fonny really loves tish

if only this was the love that fonny's family would give to tish. this is kind of unfair because tish's family treats fonny well and fonny's mother and sisters are just treating tish horribly

i feel like there was no reson for fonny to think that “Mr.Rivers” would get mad becasue this isnt a bad thing for anyone.

this is just showing how much Tish really means to Fonny and how much he likes her instead of any other people.

this is a flashback and they didnt know about the baby yet. I guess it could be better now that tish has a baby

im very glad that they are only caring about their opinions on this relationship.

this is so sad but great at the same time. the good thing is that she is trying to keep her baby and herself healthy.

honestly i think that they deserve this type of treatment becasue they are being so rude to their own family and rude towards tishs baby.

she doesnt have to say this kind of stuff to her own brother this is just messed up.

why does she think she should be controlling everything when this is not her baby. this is her grandchild but she does not even care about the baby.

this is kind of messed up how mrs.hunt think this should be a leson for fonny when he would not do anything wrong

maybe the title of the book could be about something in new chapters or something about the background of this book.

She deserved all of that since she is basically trying to get rid of her grandchild

I think that the father could of done something like get toys or be with the other sister more and that probably made tish think the father loved the other sister more

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