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    Hey Oscar — thanks for taking your time to comment unlike many other people who feel like not reading my tingz. Much respect. Anyways, I appreciate this comment and you acknowledge the part that has a story behind it ! Thank you very much :).

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      • dear adrian ,
        you blog was really interesting to read. the picture of the dog caught my attention and made me feel so many emotions. i like how you included a chart to show the homelessness rates and all that. i just have one question for you : what made you choose this topic ?
        good job !

      • Stereotypes In Oakland


        It’s not even about us as humans anymore. It’s mostly about us being portrayed as the villians of this community we call home. This home of ours, Oakland, is having trouble stan

        • Hello Doraneli,
          I enjoyed reading your post about the city of Oakland. I can relate to this because I am from the Bay Area as well. I’m pretty familiar with the cities San Francisco and San Jose. I feel like all attention is always on Oakland, saying it’s really dangerous or how homes always gets break into. But sometimes people ignore the fact that San Francisco has a huge population of homelessness and San Jose it is isn’t all that safe from what I have seen and heard. It’s great to see you’re defending your home city and informing others that Oakland isn’t that dangerous.

        • Hi Doraneli,

          This article was so informative and well written! I enjoyed reading it, because it shows a different perspective that many people don’t see. The part where some citizens were interviewed was a great addition. When one person explained that many people sell drugs in order to survive, it hurt me and I’m sure other readers felt the same effect. The stark reality of what many go through in order to get by is truly upsetting. I agree that many people stereotype certain cities even when improvement is visible. This post is a perfect example of why people should be more open minded and do research before making assumptions.

      • Dear Edwin ,
        Your poem was really cool. It showed the truth and made me notice the pain people that go through poverty go through. I can tell how much effort yu put into this poem which made me think that you’re great writer ! You did great and I liked the poem :). I got 2 questions for you.
        Does this topic get to you or make you feel some t…[Read more]

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        YES SISTER


        I wrote this poem about a recent lover I had who has broken my heart completely. I wrote how they kept us away from each other and how no matter how many times we showed our love , our family didn’t except.

        • Dear Doraneli,

          I thought your poem was great and I love the way you connected Romeo and Juliet to your own personal life. I really like how you included the beginning of Romeo and Juliet in your poem to show your story. I think the part that stood out to me the most is, ¨ Can you hear us? Do you feel it? Have you seen us? Have you lived it?” I think that this part is really good in your poem and really making the reader question about what the poemś image is. The outline of the poem is great and overall it was amazing. Thank you for sharing your poem!

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