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  • Dear Leslie, I am very thankful that you decided to write a post like this. Suicide is not talked about as much as it should be. I am glad you wrote this post because it gives me comfort that I am not the only one who acknowledges suicides. I love that you informed the reader that they are not alone. With this post alone I am sure you saved plenty…Read More

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    Mental Illness & Time

    In the article, "Students & The Pandemic" by Aaliyah M she speaks on how the pandemic has affected plenty of teens. The pandemic affected teenagers really roughly, from going out with friends everyday to being quarantined in home. ...

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  • Dear Patrick, I am very interested in your writing. I absolutely agree with you. I feel like this would be great for those incarcerated, it is giving them a second chance and I believe everybody should get a second chance. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is when you stated, “These programs are designed specifically for inmates who…Read More

  • I’m really fascinated by this information! I have experienced lucid dreaming before but never understood what it truly was. I always thought that emotions and thoughts impacted dreams but didn’t know it’s what creates them!

  • I love this! I agree that if you are hopeful about something the outcome will be great! I believe this has a part to do with manifestation, if you hope for something so much it is bound to happen. Hope and courage come a long way in bad situations so it is always good to carry them in your heart.



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Mental Illness & Time

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