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  • One thing that I’ve done in the last 24 hours that makes me feel good about myself is completing some work

  • The last time I faced rejection was when I tried to join a team in my elementary school, they had said that I wasn’t qualified to join them.

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    I am interested in your writing I like how well it was written because I like how you said ” I am made of an MVP who wins for my efforts in baseball.

    One thing that I have in common with you is ” I am made of respecting my parents, being studious, and doing no evil, only good.” I respect my parents and I always try to stay away from trouble and…Read More

  • The best life hacks that I use to help me is whenever I find myself stuck doing a writing I go back and look at my past work that I did and think of a new way I can write up a new story.

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    I am made of

     I am made of crowded parties, with Mexican food, bachata music, and sometimes arguments. I am made of  coffee in my morning routine, usually black, sometimes add milk, but never with sugar. I am made of  a family who understands each...

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    • Dear Dominick
      I am interested in your poem because I like how you say people distract me from my goal because then I’m never going able to achieve my dream and that is true I agree 
      One thing piece of imagery that stands out for me is: whenever one of us is down or upset we comfort them or get them to laugh. ” I think this is <interesting, to me because… I like how you say whenever one of us is down or upset we comfort them or get them to laugh.  
      Your poem connects to my own experience. For me, 
      Thanks for your work on Youth Voices. I look forward to seeing what you write next because… I like your post and I would like to see more of your writing in the near furture  

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