• Asnica I agree with your article, online schooling is harder and more stressful. School was easy with the one on one interactions and it was fun seeing everyone.

  • Hi Katie, I agree with your article and SLC’s air has been looking very clean due to this whole pandemic!

  • The US is debating on giving people $1,000 to help them support their family and to get bills and or necessities out of the way. Yes, this sounds great but where is it coming from? That money doesn’t just grow on

    • Hey dom, nice post. I agree that it will further the national debt but I think that it supports the citizens of America and shows that America cares and wants people to survive. And also I don’t think that we will be the ones paying back the debt because only certain people in our age group qualify so I feel like it would be unjust for some to have to repay the national debt.

  • Hi Akira,
    I related to your post so much, and I think that a 50/50 custody agreement would be the most ideal choice for any child/parents in that situation.

  • Schools argue that uniforms are helpful in many different ways, such as the focus of their educations and not their apparel. They argue that uniforms help prevent bullying and that uniforms prevent the display

    • Dominic great post! I agree with you and personally I am not a big fan of uniforms myself. While I do see the minimal purpose they serve I feel there are less cons about uniforms than pros.

    • Dominic this was very well typed post, I agree with you and notice that uniforms don’t really serve any purpose in the school system.

    • I agree with you and I think the uniforms have minimal purpose for students. Additionally they are not comfortable on me.

  • I completely agree with you. People come to America to pursue their American-Dream, but when they get here they don’t have the same opportunities as others do nor do they dominate the english language making it harder on them to learn and communicate. Here is a link related to your post. https://legalaidatwork.org/factsheet/language-discrimination/

  • Ronata I completely agree with lowering college prices. Colleges are way too overpriced and not everyone has the money to even pay for college so lowering the prices would give equal opportunities. Here is an article similar to the topic. https://dailygazette.com/article/2017/05/26/lowering-college-tuition-is-a-good-idea

  • Hey Dominic I thought your topic was very important. Today we use so much plastic it is unbelievable, we have huge piles of plastic just floating in the water. None of its good, water bottles, caps, etc. anything that is not biodegradable will be on the earth for 100’s of years. Here is a link to a similar topic.…[Read more]

  • Hey Mariely, the topic you chose is so very important in todays society. Technology has advanced so much in the past decade and it has honestly just become more of a distraction. Cars are now compatible with phones which is another distraction added to the list. My point is that no matter what you drive or how long you’ve driven you are always…[Read more]

  • Hi Laya, your post was great and I agree I believe that family is everything. Family is always going to stick next to your side through thick and thin. Also family plays a huge role on the development of a kids life, such as single parent kids has a higher risk of getting into drugs or gangs. Here is a like related to your topic.…[Read more]

  • Hey Kaitlyn, I completely agree with teaching kids about sex education at a younger age. Kids do not understand the consequences that could come with practicing unsafe sex. Its scary to think that in 2017 over 194,377 babies were birthed by a teen-age mother. Education on sex is a very important thing to know when it comes to your future life and…[Read more]

  • Parents are teaching their kids values in the wrong ways. Giving kids video games that show aggression and violence is just like a gateway drug, in the sense that it introduces them to a harmful and aggressive

    • Hey dom, I thought this post was very insightful and necessary. However, I’d have to disagree in some cases. I feel like it depends on how often you play the game and who you play it with. Anyway, cool post bro

    • Dominic,
      In today’s society, the topic of kids being negatively affected by violent games is commonly addressed. The statistic that,”60% of boys and 40% of girls in middle school that has played or watched a violent video game are bound to bully, fight, or have aggression” is one that is quite surprising. I believe that video games can indeed have a negative effect on young children, however an average of 50% seems rather high. That said I have limited knowledge and so the fact could very well be true, in which case I think we need to not expose young kids to such violent games. I feel that games can also have a positive benefit to children as it simultaneously teaches them problem solving skills in various adventure based games. However at the end of the day I believe that other activities such as exercise, music, etc. have more positive effects than gaming. Overall you have a well written post and I am interested in hearing more.

    • Hi Dominic,
      Cool post, I agree that we should not let kids play violent video game, because kids does not have cognitive ability as adult, so we should keep them out of that kind of game. I think kids should only look at cartoon and play normal game, and do not spend too much of time on it, that’s what my parents told me.

      • Nini Kang
  • Technology has improved so much in the last decade it’s unbelievable. We have access to anything right at our fingertips, but there are really bad side effects to these technological advances. Tablets give off t

  • Crime happens all the time, crime is also something that everybody would like to change. Concealed weapons are a very helpful way of getting rid of crime. John R. Lott is an economist and political commentator

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