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    How Utah’s politics and religion are intertwined

    This article discusses how republicanism and Mormons are linked. Mainly in the form of gerrymandering and in what bills have been passed. In the case of gerrymandering, “The Utah legislature chose to ignore the IRC’s recommendations and draw its...

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    Economics of Mormonism

    In this article the author takes a look through Utah’s history with Mormonism as a theocracy through economic lens. In this case specifically it talks about the supply-side theory in which, “1) State monopoly churches inhibit religious mobilization since...

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  • When it comes to the idea of serial killers and understanding them this article covers something interesting. According to Day, “It’s really the first time in American history where a serial killer is caught … and becomes part of the culture”—seeing how the idea of killers in media is fantasized about, especially as a result of the Dahmer show th…Read More

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    When it comes to the discussion between being pro-life and pro-choice there is a lot of nuance in this conversation. While I personally disagree with you on many points I commend you for acknowledging that your opinion may change. I recommend you read this article in which this quote describes the core of why I am pro-choice, “But I do not believe…Read More

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    I find this concept interesting because I am an only child who grew up with friends who had siblings. I always believed that my academic ability was solely due to my culture versus my status as an only child. In the article you cited it says, ” With regard to intellectual ability and success, only children are much like first-borns, since they…Read More

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