• Police Brutality

    Dear Oakland community,

    The purpose of having a police force is to preserve the safety one seeks, but what happens when that safety shield gets broken? In the case of police brutality,

  • Dear America,
    I think your post was really interesting and thoughtful because of how you explained that immigrants have to go through a lot of struggles and how Trump is only making it harder for them to succeed. A line that stood out to me was “Immigrants care about each other and their families like everyone else, and these new policies are d…[Read more]

  • Dear Jade,

    I feel like your post “Protests in Oakland” is very interesting because you explain the importance of protests and the beneficial effect it has in our communities. I enjoyed reading about the different perspectives people have on protests because it shows an understanding on more then one point of view. One sentence that stood out to…[Read more]

  • Dear Jesus,
    I am really enlightened and amazed about the topic you decided to talk about because it emphasizes different perspectives and views on gangs. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “In summary, the next time you see a gang member, treat them with respect, maybe even try to get their story.” This line stood out to me because…[Read more]

  • “I was 32 when I came to the US the first time, in 1998. The violence and crime in Mexico was getting worse, and work was getting harder to find. My brothers said getting there might be hard, but it w

    • Dear, Divianca
      I feel very moved about your post “Migration” one sentence that stood out was” In spite of having quality workers, the boss decided to take advantage of the migrant worker by threatening to turn him in to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency”. This stood out because I have known a lot of immigrants that have worked very hard and they get robbed by only paying them a little. However one thing i disagree with is when you said “Nowadays since ICE is more active due to President Trump’s administration, more undocumented people fear even setting a foot outside their own home” because even before trump with barack obama administration obama deported 5 million this deporting problem started way before trump.

  • Dear Maribel,
    I am content about your shadow box and artist statement because it shows the truth about yourself. One sentence that stands out to me is “I also put the gender symbol because I identify as a female and I’m proud to say it.” I think this is very powerful because it shows how you as a female won’t give up even if there is many…[Read more]

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    My truths

    By: Divianca Martinez

    This Shadow Box represents me, my identity, what makes me who I am. Many people assume that I am a criminal just because of my colored skin, that I am dumb because of my

    • Dear Divianca,
      Your box is so creative, beautiful and overall representative of who you are, and who youve become. The start of your descriptrion is formed so beautifully, I say this because I feel I can relate to this, we have alot in common. I was also born here and my family is from Mexico as well. I strongly agree with everything youve stated and I can see you are a strong independant person. Your box really brings out who you are and how important most of these things are to you. I love the fact you added your family, sports, activities and games that represent you. Overall your box was beautiful and really brought out the type of person you are.

    • Dear divianca,
      I love how you expressed your identity through your box. This shows how insightful strong and talented you are. I love how you represented your culture and family and their importance in your life. I was able to get a picture of your beliefs and the significance certain things play in your life. I love how proud you are to be a woman and how it is an important part of you although it is hard to be a woman in our society.

    • Dear Divianca, I am a student at SJSU. I loved how you immediately got my attention with the first line. I was instantly hooked by this line, “Many people assume that I am a criminal just because of my colored skin, that I am dumb because of my race/ethnicity, that I am less then and uncapable because I’m a female.” This is such a powerful statement that describes how our society judges people today based on their race, gender, and appearance. This was a very strong and inspiring shadow box. Thank you for your time.

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    • Dear, Divianca
      One part that was very good is where you talked about that people thinking you are a criminal. I think is powerful because you are proving people wrong….

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