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    Dear Future President,
    First of all congratulations on being the 45 president of the United States. I know you must be very tough transition for you and you must be very busy. I know there are also plenty of other issues that you have to with but I wanna inform you about a very important one that is really affecting the citizens of the country and that is gun control. I believe this is a very important issue in the country because if we look back to the last six months there have been plenty of incidents of where guns have been an issue. For example, San Bernardino and the shooting at the Pulse Night Club. These are acts of terrorism that are affecting and killing 100s of our own American citizens. The sad part is these shooting are happening by people who are U.S citizens are they have been living in the country for years. We can also see that in 2009 there were 16,272 murders were committed in the United States during 2008. Of these, about 10,886 or 67% were committed with firearms (Smith). We also see according to A possible solution: gun control in the country. If the amount of high powered guns are decreased we can decrease the amount of mass shootings. About 40-45% of households in the U.S own a guns. That is just ridiculous! Keep guns for police and maybe rifles for hunting but all the semi-automatic and automatic guns have to be stopped. Also to get any gun there has to be a thorough background check and if the FBI stops you twice you should not be able to purchase a weapon of any kind. This is a big issue that will take a lot of time to accomplish. But being our leader for four years you should at least aim for a step in the right direction. Start out be more thorough background checks and anyone who has purchased a deadly weapon in the last 5 years should be on monitor by the FBI and CIA. This is a very important issue that I hope can be resolved in the years to come. If we can reduce the total amount of guns we can save hundreds of lives!
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    • Dinakar,

      I agree with your claim on gun control. Guns are a basic right of all Americans, but considering the recent mass shootings, there is a change that needs to be made. I personally believe that citizens have a right to bear arms, but the process of acquiring guns needs to be more secure. Do you agree that guns should be allowed to the public? I like how you also say that assault rifles should now be accessible to the public, there is no need for those in society, and it won’t “protect” you from anything. It will moreso cause more trouble.

    • Dear Dinakar,
      I agree that this is a really sad issue; we should have stronger and more tightly-regulated background checks for people looking to obtain firearms. I hope this issue gets addressed in the coming years.

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