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  • This sounds like a very interesting story and one that is quite motivational. I think this is something that I would consider reading in the future because it sounds like there is a strong overall message. This summary is good because this gives us enough information to get into it and a strong purpose for why to read it.

  • This is a great issue that definitely needs to be assessed. I am glad that you are trying to make a stand on this topic. The facts that you bring in just make your issue that much more powerful and persuasive. I also like the image because it appeals to the reader in the form of pathos! Keep up the great work.

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    This is a very interesting poem. You used some diction that is very strong to express exactly what you feel and I think a lot of people appreciate that. I like how you started with a question and used your poem as the answer. Keep up the great work!

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    Dinakar commented on the post, Gun Control

    I have to say I am completely anti-gun. I cannot imagine anyone being pro gun after everything that has happened this year alone. If we look at other countries such as Great Britain, Italy, and Sweden we see that they have little to no issues with guns because of their strict fun laws. It is time for us to change and I am glad students are voicing…Read More

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    This is a great topic that I think you can go into more depth with. It has to do with plasmids that can be genetically engineered. Most of our food is actually genetically engineered to keep the food away from pesticides and other food invaders. This is a very interesting issue because sometimes these chemicals can be harmful to us. I want to see…Read More

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