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  • Quan, I agree with your point and it is very important that people acknowledge this problem so we can fix it as a team. It is a very serious subject that should be fixed because it can be very harmful. Great work! Keep it up

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    Nice job! I really believe you have strong points in this article. I loved the fact that you incorporated evidence that really strengthens your point. But I do think that Huck does not accept society as the story goes in. He continues to have the same attitude towards the world and the people. He does befriend a slave but I do not believe that…[Read more]

  • Sid- Great article! I loved how you introduced quotes into this. It really makes your argument stronger as well as really showing your audience how strong you feel about this issue. I think you could do a little bit more with the organization because you topic is a little all over the place at times and difficult to follow. Other than that I…[Read more]

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    How has Huck grown?

    Huckleberry Finn is an thirteen year old boy from St. Petersburg, Missouri. St. Petersburg is located near the Mississippi river. He is born to a alcoholic dad who abuses him,

    • I really like how you were talking about how Huck never really had a real family. So Huck just bounced around from family to family. I think that is an important part on why he has grown. He got a family with Widow Douglas and so Huck had some discipline he had to follow. I also liked the part you put in there about how Huck treated Jim as property at first. But then when the story kept going on he treated him more and more as a person. He treated him as if it did not matter if he was black or a slave. I think that is a really important part in the story. people really should understand that part in the book. I think you can really expand you writing even more by using quotes from the book. But other than that I really like your writing. This is a great piece.

    • Great work Dinakar! I really enjoyed reading your analysis and I thought the quote that you analyzed was particularly strong and helped to strengthen your argument. Personally I agree that Huck grew over the course off the novel, based on his social upbringings by his father and the fact that he was always an outsider to society shows us that he never followed the social norms and his decisions were not as influenced by society as they were by his own conscience. But it is also apparent that Huck was also influenced by his time with the Widow and Miss Watson, this is evident when he writes the letter to the widow and Miss Watson but then crumples it up and throws it away. Based on this we can conclude that Huck was influenced by his conscience and the teachings of the widow and Miss Watson, and we can also conclude that Huck changed for the better as well. Overall I really enjoyed reading your piece and making connections within the text although I would try to incorporate more evidence that will only help to strengthen your argument!

    • Growing up without a parent’s definitely makes it hard to have a solid base. Parents are there to guide you in the decisions that you are making throughout your life. If someone were to grow up and have no contact or guidance what they do is going to be way different then someone growing in a family. Huck Beinging a white boy at first didn’t really accept Jim to be a friend and as you said Huck was messing around with him kind of treating him like a little kid. Good Job.

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    I really do care about world poverty. I chose this topic after traveling to Trincomalee, Sri Lanka last summer and also looking at how the middle class is increasing. Which shows that the

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    Important sources that helped me in really be able to improve my understanding in third world poverty was at  https://gracegirlshome.org . Please respond to me to tell me what you think.

  • This info graphic explains words and phrases that have to do with poverty. This really speaks to me because it shows all the ways we can help, and all the problems that go on in the world

  • This is a great point and a very important issue that is harming our society. It is important for us as a community to work together to be able to end this problem. I think we can find away if we all make a difference one at a time. I really agree with you though. Strong argument and great points. Try incorporating a little more evidence though!

  • Good points. I want to challenge you to try to prove your topic with some evidence to really be able to strengthen your argument. I think that this is an interesting topic but think of the fact that all people are not able to gain education to get jobs. Some are born very poor and do not have the opportunity to get jobs.

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    American Lit 3rd hour

    3 June 2017


    Ending World Poverty

    I believe in helping out societies and communities in third world countries that do not have the same opportunities than you

    • Hi Dinakar,
      I think that this topic should definitely be addressed and should be something that thriving countries try invest in. It is important to help out countries that are struggling so the world can live at piece and everyone can live a life happiness. A goal of mine is to take a trip to third world countries. I want help build schools,houses,bring clothes and shoes to people who are in need of it and provide the people with care packages.

  • Reading Notes
    April 24th 2017
    Chapters 1-5
    During the course of these 5 chapters. We saw that a man named Huck Finn had no parents. So he felt quite lonely during his time living with what he called “widow”. He

    • Dinakar, I also have been wondering why the kids were so fast to trust Tom Sawyer, but I think it’s because he and Huck found the treasure in a cave in the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” which showed leadership and courage to the boys. I think the boys simply wanted to have fun adventures led by a person who has experienced and succeeded in finding an enormous treasure during an adventure.

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    Mrs. Reed
    American Lit 3rd hour
    22 April 2016
    Discrimination thru my lense

    I believe that seeing and experiencing discrimination has had a big impact on my life.. From learning about it in school,

  • Hadley,
    This is a very power piece and it is a very serious topic that I hope is addressed in the upcoming future. Women/girls shouldn’t be treated like this. I hope our country can learn from the mistakes and improve.

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  • I am your secret writing pal!

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