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    Dear Jadyn,

    I am amazed with the work on your box. I think that your work really reflects on what you did. I like how there’s a lot of images and color. I think that the inside of your box really shows who you are. I think that your box really represents and lets people see what you believe and who you are. Keep up the good work.

    Sincerely your…[Read more]

  • Dear Daniel,

    I am pleased to see your shadow box because it looks great. The boxe’s color looks great and what is inside is just awesome. I like how you put those characters of dragon ball in the box, i personally like dragon ball so it’s nice to see someone is putting some dragon ball on theirs. I think that this shadow box is great and that you…[Read more]

  • This is my Shabox Box. What exactly is a Shadow Box? A Shadow Box is a box filled with your counter narratives countering the dominant narratives. A dominant narrative is something written by biased white people

    • Dear Diego
      I like how you add a model of a Nintendo Switch and a Fire powered Mario toy to show that you are a big fan of nintendo and its games and you are a very big nerd of nintendo for god’s sake. But I like how you add the american flag to show your nationality but why didn’t you put a mexican flag for your ethnicity and race? Also I like how put the pokemon field and logo. Thank You for your time.

      Edwin M

  • Dear Antony:

    I am amazed of your shadow box because it has a lot of detail. Also, because it has a lot of color and symbols. One part of your art that stands out to me is the amount of detail are in the logos. I think that what is in the box does represents you. Thank you for your shadow box. This art piece looks great and I hope you made it with…[Read more]

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