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    Sick. Thanks Beatriz.

  • Diego commented on the post, Box of liberation 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Thanks my black/african-american buddy ol´ pal.

  • Dearest Daniel, your color works very well with your objects. I like how you put your interests like dragon ball Z and the walking dead wan d what it means to you as an individual. Very in depth.

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    I appreciate your artist statement and shadow box for explaining how you aren’t what you seem like seed. It shows how you aren’t just a generalized person but very specific in who you are. BUT, you didn’t space after a period once. But everything else is sick.

  • Who is this young man, and what does he represent about himself? Well, I’ll tell you. I am me. To begin, my first identity that I will explain is that I am an introverted person that tends to spend their time e

    • Dear Diego,
      I am amazed by how your shadow box looks like because it really shows who you are as a person. One part of your shadow box that stands out to me is the images you have because they all have different meanings. I also like how so of them you drew so it tells me you are someone who likes to draw a lot and that it may be your hobby you do. Thank you for your shadow box/art and I look forward to seeing the new things you will create.

    • Hello Diego,
      I love how your shadow box came out. When I saw you working on it and adding pictures to your box, I knew it would come out great. Your shadow box is definitely the funniest one I’ve seen and that really reflects how you are as a person because you always make jokes and are funny. And that’s the main aspect I like about your shadow box, that your personality reflects on your project. Keep up the good work.

    • I like how this shadow box has some memes to match modern comedy.

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    Dear, Melody I like how you have very nice transitions and how your artist statement isn’t very linear so it’s creative way of explaining your identities.

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    Dear Elizabeth, I like how you put half of your whole artist’s statement with your ethnicity. I also adore that when you were talking about ethnicity stereotypes, you put that you as an individual aren’t those but others might be which makes it so you don’t sound so preachy about it. I also think that putting Sonoma State University little pocke…[Read more]

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