• Ocean Pollution Sucks

    Upstander. A word. A word with meaning. A big meaning at that. My latest project was pretty ambitious it being that it would hopefully have physical products for it. Our project was

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    bruh crazy frog was imprisoned for 7 homicides

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    Dearest Piper,
    I appreciate how your poem uses 3 words repetitively to signal the things happening in our world recently. It was really telling that you put much care and depth into this poem of yours and how you didn’t just put the big bad stuff thats happened into your poem but also the decent and good things that happened just to show…[Read more]

  • War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength. These are the three slogans of the Party. There are two different Parties that follow the same rules, but those rules are enforced more strictly on one

    • I really like this idea of people not being able to even expect the truth from their government. The way that you utilized 1984 and applied it to a real-life scenario is very interesting. Though your plan to wipe out the inner party is violent, it is very thorough and detailed.

    • Diego, this was a very interesting idea you presented in this post. I especially liked when you said that “both Parties are responsible for the citizens being fed constant propaganda,” because even though the inner party orchestrates it, the outer party contributes just as much. While I don’t think that completely destroying Oceania as a last resort is a good idea, I agree that the first step would be to use the power of the proles against the party. Here is an article you might enjoy: https://ingsocforstudents.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/if-there-is-hope-it-lies-in-the-proles/.

    • Diego,
      I like your take on 1984. Although I don’t think killing everyone is the best answer, I think it would be a good idea to remove the proles and allow them to live in a society that is similar to one today, where they have more free will. There are many reasons why this is a good idea. For one, they are the ones least influenced by the Party. They managed to keep some of their humanity and freedom. Although it may not seem like they are free in any way, they did not succumb to the Party’s ideals and lifestyle, so they kept personal freedoms. Second, in my opinion, the biggest issue in the novel was that Winston felt like he was alone in thinking that the Party was evil. They worked so hard on making him believe that he was alone and stupid. If somehow the proles were brought together and guided, they would be strong in numbers and in their beliefs. They would be able to work together to better the society.
      Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    • Diego,
      This is a really insightful look at the 1984. I enjoyed how you put in the slideshow as well, it adds a very nice touch. In your analysis you mention the idea of the government only feeding the public lies. I think you would really enjoy this related podcast: https://www.parcast.com/blog/2018/3/26/10-government-conspiracy-theories-revealed-to-be-true

  • Thanks James. Joseph Thornton didn’t base his data on exact statistics but from prior knowledge of the subject. And yes, I would like to focus on redlining in other posts if accessible. Thanks again.

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    Yes Ricardo, my post is very wet, lit, fire, LMAO, rofl, and lol.

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        Well thank you for reading my epic gamer post and telling how I assisted you in knowing about the facts about red lining. I will try to be even more of an effective writer in later posts. Thanks again.

          • Hello comrade, I appreciate your use of links in the actual essay so the data is easily accesible and how you have very diverse sets of data so that many parts of the salvation armies’ benefits. (Sal was here).

          • Zooie-mama, what an epic blog post. Firstly, nice evidence use with having 3 interviews so you can get 1 more actual oakland person instead of the 2 minimum. Also, you cited your work well so you won’t be sued. Only I think typos hold it back maybe but maybe i’m illiterate who knows.

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          • Diego Casillas

            Ms. Portugal


            December 21, 2018


            Redlining is Present

            Imagine a game. A game with a red line of paint. You had to stay on one side. Your side was decrepit and only one race was on

            • sup gamer, your epic work is epic indeed. i greatly enjoyed the example giving at the beginning of your work. you allows a reader to understand more of thy problem making it easier to explain. i also liked that you put in the opinions of the community so more people can share their opinion. this essay was very epic.

            • I really enjoyed how in the beginning you drew the reader in by starting off with “ imagine a game “ I feel like that’s what really drew me in and had me thinking and actually made it kind of easier to understand your piece. Overall your topic sounds like a really interesting topic, and I’m glad you brought it forth and wrote about it because if I’m being honest I didn’t really quiet pay attention to anything involving red lining, so thank you for writing about this and publishing it. I also enjoyed how you included some background information in the beginning so that also made it easier for me to understand for long this has been going for. Thank you for your writing and I hope to see what other pieces you write about.

            • Thanks James. Joseph Thornton didn’t base his data on exact statistics but from prior knowledge of the subject. And yes, I would like to focus on redlining in other posts if accessible. Thanks again.

          • Wowee, thanks for posting a very personal topic on how you are dealing with this very sensitive subject matter. It must have been a difficult thing to post this out to the interwebz. But it’s a very good thing you did because it can give others (like myself) a perspective on how devastating it must be to bisexual and not getting support from your…[Read more]


            This piece of literature is about how the economy can ruin the minds of the undermined communities and individuals can be broken from it but also how they are more human than other more powerful

            • Gisselle, this was VERY cash money of you. I think that a lot of aspects that can be contrived from the economic turmoil of recent times goes overlooked. This did a very good job about addressing that. Here’s a link that may be able to hep you in your further studies: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/05/15/is-the-gig-economy-working

            • Dear Diego,
              Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. It is really good. A line that stood out to me was
              “Knowing that they didn’t mess up
              Power messed them up” because I think that line could have different meanings. I like that this poem addressed the problems of money and the problems of not having money. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to reading your next post.


            • Dear Diego,
              What an elaborate poem. It’s almost deceiving how each line is so short yet the over all poem has a very deep message behind it. And it’s very impressive to me that you were able to convey such a deep message with such few lines and words. I don’t think I could ever do something like that. I also appreciate the bits of humor in your poem. Overall, your poem was amazing. Keep up the great work!
              Joseph Thornton

          • Sick. Thanks Beatriz.

          • Thanks my black/african-american buddy ol´ pal.

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